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Magnum reviews: AVA EP10 tattoo pen


Tattooing is an art form that requires precision and skill, but finding the right tool to help you create your masterpiece can be difficult.

Traditional tattoo machines are bulky and hard to manoeuvre, making it difficult for artists to achieve intricate details or work in tight spaces. Plus, they can require a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

The AVA EP10 Tattoo Pen is the perfect solution for any artist looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use tool with superior performance. It's designed with advanced technology that allows you to easily control line widths and depths while providing smooth operation without excessive vibration or noise. With its ergonomic design and intuitive controls, this pen offers unparalleled comfort at an affordable price point so you can create beautiful tattoos every time!


AVA EP10 pen-style rotary tattoo machine


Key features of the AVA EP10 pen-style rotary tattoo machine

AVA is one of the leading brands in the world of tattoo machines and equipment, offering artists professional-grade products designed for precision and accuracy. Their latest tattoo machine in their vast line-up is the EP10 pen. We take a look at some of its best features below.

Adjustable stroke

The AVA EP10 pen-style rotary tattoo machine comes with an adjustable stroke that allows you to adjust the needle’s depth from 2.5mm to 4.5mm. This feature ensures that you’re able to achieve the desired effect for any tattoo design and makes this a very versatile machine. The EP10 is compatible with all standard-size cartridges—we would recommend using MTS Premium Grade Cartridges for the best results.

AVA EP10 tattoo pen

Wireless tattoo pen

The EP10 features a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can last for up to 8 hours when fully charged. This makes it perfect for long sessions and ensures that you’ll never be stuck without power in the middle of a tattoo. The wireless design also eliminates the need for any additional cords and power supplies, making your setup easier to manage and giving you greater tattoo freedom.

Quiet, low-vibration operation

The AVA EP10 is powered by an efficient Brushless DC Motor. This ensures that you can work in close quarters without worrying about noise or excessive vibrations affecting you or your client’s comfort level.

The tattoo pen boasts a working voltage of 4.5 to 12V, making it ideal for a variety of applications. This voltage is adjusted using buttons on the side of the pen for quick accessibility, and the high-definition LED displays all relevant power information.

AVA EP10 wireless tattoo machine

Session timing function

The AVA EP10 pen-style rotary tattoo machine also features a session timer, allowing you to keep track of the time spent with each client. This timer is a great feature that makes it easier for artists to manage their appointments.

Price point

The EP10 Tattoo Pen is very reasonably priced, considering its performance and the features it offers. It’s a great option for both experienced artists looking for an upgrade or newcomers to the art form looking for their first tattoo pen machine.

The AVA EP10: one of the best rotary tattoo machines available for the price

Overall, the AVA EP10 Tattoo Pen is an excellent tool that provides superior performance at a very affordable price point. Its easy-to-use, wireless, and lightweight design makes it perfect for any professional tattoo artist.

The adjustable stroke, session timer, and long-lasting battery life are all great features that make this a must-have for anyone serious about tattooing. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable tattoo machine, the AVA EP10 is definitely worth considering!


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  • Sarah Crookes