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Magnum Reviews: B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles


In the realm of medical procedures, piercing needles play a vital role. However, finding the right needle that combines efficiency, precision, and minimal discomfort can be a daunting task. This is where many healthcare professionals and patients face a significant challenge. B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles have been designed to address these pain points, but are they truly up to the task? Let's delve into an in-depth review to uncover the truth.

Product description

The B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles are a range of single-use, intravenous catheters predominantly used in medical settings for various applications. They are made of a fluoropolymer material called FEP, which is known for its radiopaque quality. This material choice ensures durability and reliability during medical procedures.


B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles


Available sizes

One of the standout aspects of the Introcan Needle supplies is the variety in sizes, catering to diverse medical needs. The needles are available in multiple gauge sizes, each size colour-coded for easy identification. This feature is particularly beneficial in fast-paced medical environments, where quick and accurate selection of the correct needle size is crucial. The available sizes in a full box of 50 are:

  • 14g (Orange): Outside Diameter (OD) 2.1mm
  • 16g (Grey): OD 1.7mm
  • 18g (Green): OD 1.3mm
  • 20g (Pink): OD 1.1mm


B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles - Single


Key features of B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles

Ergonomic design

The Introcan Needles are designed for ease of use. The ergonomic design allows for one-handed insertion, a critical feature for medical professionals who often operate in situations requiring multi-tasking and efficiency.

Minimised trauma

A significant feature is the triple-ground bevel design of the needle. This design ensures minimal trauma during punctures like ear or body piercing, enhancing patient comfort and minimising the risk of complications associated with intravenous insertions.

Radiopaque material

The use of FEP material contributes to the needle's strength and flexibility and its radiopaque quality. This feature is crucial during X-ray examinations, allowing easy tracing and confirmation of the needle's placement.

Sterilisation and safety

Each needle in the piercing kit is gas sterilised using Ethylene Oxide (EO) and individually sealed in blister packs. This process guarantees the needle's sterility until the point of use, an essential aspect in maintaining high hygiene and patient safety standards.

Colour-coded for quick identification

The colour-coded system details of the needles allow for rapid and accurate identification of the required size, minimising errors and saving time in critical medical situations.

Versatility in application

Introcan Needles are suitable for various medical applications, including drug administration, blood draws, transfusions, and even intra-arterial blood pressure measurements. This versatility makes them a valuable tool in numerous medical settings.


B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles Green


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The B Braun Introcan Piercing Needles are a testament to advanced medical technology designed with patient safety and professional efficiency in mind. Their ergonomic design, professional-grade quality, effective sterilisation, and intuitive colour-coding system make them exemplary choices in the medical field. These features collectively ensure that B Braun Introcan Piercing Needle is not just a tool but a vital component in delivering quality healthcare.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz