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Magnum Reviews: Clear Cut Stencils


Tattoo artists know the struggle all too well. Finding the right stencil paper that allows precise designs without any smudges can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even when we think we've found "the one," often there's a catch. The paper might not adhere well, the lines blur, or it's just not user-friendly. But how do you know which product will truly deliver?

So, in this article, we will review Clear Cut Stencils' Transparent A4 Thermal Paper. If you're keen on knowing if this is the stencil solution you've been waiting for, our article has all the answers. We've taken a deep dive, so you don’t have to trial and error anymore.

Product description

Clear Cut Stencil Paper is a must-have for tattoo artists! Made by a professional tattooer, Brandon Henderson, this paper is great for tricky tattoo placements, cover-ups, or long tattoo sessions when you need to reapply the stencil. It's super clear, which makes it easy to see and use. Plus, with 25 sheets in every box, you won't run out quickly.

Clear Cut Stencils - Transparent A4 Thermal Paper 8.5 X 11 (25 Per Pack)

How to use

  1. Begin by carefully removing the PE film from the back of the Clear Cut Stencil Paper.
  2. Once the film is removed, place it onto the top sheet.
  3. Now, position your chosen tattoo design on the paper. Once it's set, run it through your thermal printer to get a clear print.
  4. Before applying the stencil, make sure to apply your stencil solution to the skin. Rub it in until the skin becomes tacky, which should take about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  5. Now, it's time to apply your Clear Cut Stencil to the skin. Smooth it out and ensure there are no air bubbles for a perfect stencil application.

If you want a stencil solution that pairs seamlessly with Clear Cut Stencils, why not give Anchored Stencil Solution a go?



Anchored Stencil Solution



Key features of Clear Cut Stencils Transparent A4 Thermal Paper

Transparency for precision

Clear Cut Stencils Transparent A4 Thermal Paper boasts exceptional transparency. This unique feature makes placement a breeze as you can see the skin, or original tattoo design through it (if working on a cover-up design). This transparent stencil paper lets tattoos artists achieve precise stencil placements every time before starting the tattooing process.

If you do find that you need to adjust the original placement, use a reliable product like AloeTattoo's Stencil Eraser.

Versatility in size and fit

With its A4 dimensions, this tattoo transfer paper provides ample space for many tattoo designs. However, it's also versatile enough to be trimmed to fit smaller tattoos or tight-fitting spaces, ensuring that artists can create tattoos of various sizes with precision.

Ease of use for effortless tattooing

Using Clear Cut Stencils Thermal Paper is hassle-free. It is designed to work seamlessly with standard imagers, allowing tattoo artists to quickly and easily transfer the exact replica of their designs onto the paper. This streamlines the stencil preparation process, saving artists valuable time and effort.

Reliable adherence and clarity

When paired with a quality stencil solution, Clear Cut Stencils Thermal Paper adheres exceptionally well to the skin. The tacky surface ensures that the stencil stays in place throughout the tattooing process, minimising the risk of smudging or needing frequent reapplications, which can be time-consuming and frustrating, and this can also ensure your transferred design is clear.

Professional creation

This thermal tracing paper is not just any stencil paper; it is the brainchild of Brandon Henderson, a respected tattoo artist with a deep understanding of the craft. Brandon's expertise is infused into the design of this paper, making it a reliable choice for professional tattooists who demand high-quality tools and tattoo machines.

Clear Cut Stencils - Transparent A4 Thermal Paper

Handy pack quantity

Each box of Clear Cut Stencils Thermal Paper contains 25 sheets. This handy pack size ensures that tattoo artists have a sufficient supply for multiple tattoo sessions, reducing the need for frequent restocking and ensuring consistency in their work.

Take your tattooing to the next level with Clear Cut Stencils

You can clearly see the remarkable potential these stencils hold for tattoo artists. With its precision, versatility, and user-friendly design, Clear Cut Stencils have become a valuable tool for most tattoo shops. We've explored the key features of the Transparent Thermal Transfer Paper, and it is evident that Clear Cut Stencils deserve a place in the toolkit of anyone looking to elevate their artistic endeavours.

Say goodbye to smudged or unclear stencils and hello to the clarity and excellence that Clear Cut Stencils brings to your tattooing journey. It's time to take your body art to the next level.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz