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We sell a vast range of top quality sterile tattooing products for use both in the studio and for client's aftercare. New tattoos and piercings require careful cleaning regimes and a piercing hygiene product or tattoo hygiene products are essential items after new body modifications have taken place.

We stock a selection of reputable, trusted brands and you will find the Tattoo Goo range that includes tattoo hygiene products for aftercare, maintenance and protection of tattoos, the Tattoo Numb numbing cream for hygienic and safe numbing during tattooing, and the Studex range of lotions for after piercing care.

Sterile tattooing equipment is an essential component of any studio and the use of reputable, safe products is vital for both the tattooist and person being tattooed. By offering your clients a full range of aftercare products they are almost certain to experience quick, painless and hassle-free healing and they can enjoy optimum aesthetic results of their tattoo for years to come, thanks to the correct aftercare.

Piercing hygiene product use is also a vital step in aiding the successful and scar-free healing of a piercing and the soap and after-piercing lotion available ensures hygienic and sterile conditions are observed and healing is promoted. As a piercer, sterile equipment is exceptionally important and we also stock swabs, gloves and other equipment that is required to offer piercings in the most hygienic conditions possible.

Our wide range of hygiene products for tattooist and piercers ensure that all body modifications can be looked after correctly, and that aftercare is simple and effective every time.