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Setting up the basics of a tattoo workstation means making sure that all the equipment is in place for working smoothly with customers. In addition to the tattoo machines, grips, tips and needles themselves, there are the extra spray bottles, tattoo soap bottles and other storage items which cannot be forgotten. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we work to make sure that artists of all levels have everything they need, right from the basics upwards.

Using the spray bottle during the tattoo process is important for both the client and the artist. Filled with green surgical soap and water, it is sprayed onto the skin during the tattoo process. The artist then uses tissue paper to gently wipe any ink residue, plasma and blood away from the skin to make sure they don't interfere with the artistic process. One gallon of surgical soap concentrate is diluted to make up to ten gallons of solution, enough for hundreds of tattoos on happy clients. The alcohol content in the soap also helps to ensure continued hygiene during the process, when blood and plasma are being released from the perforations in the skin.

Artists will also need at least one tattoo ink bottle at their workstation, from which the required amount of drops of colour can be dispensed into the working cups. We know that these are not the most exciting pieces of equipment, nor the most visually striking, but they are just as important as the tattoo machines themselves. That's why we make sure our bottles are of the highest possible quality for the best possible price.