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CX-2-G2 from Critical Tattoo

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This is the second generation of CX2 from Critical Tattoo® and provides you with a fantastic selection of features that are new to the machine since the previous generation, as well as maintaining everything you loved about the old one. This is of course a sleek and attractive black power supply that is certain to fit well with the image of your studio and provide you with a durable and reliable addition, which is lightweight, sleek and attractive. This can be easily bagged and transported with any typical machine or bottle backs, and of course offers a number of mounting options available for purchase separately, though it is supplied with one magnetic universal mount. This accepts standard ¼” clip cord and foot pedal connections, and uses a universal input of 110-240vac at 50/60hz, as well as precision regulated at a set point voltage between 0 and 18vdc.

The newer features include session machine run time meter, as well as session time and session currency meter, which suggests a cost for the session based on your hourly rate, and a total machine run time (odometer). This also provides a pedal override button, so you won’t need to use a pedal at all if you run in continuous mode, gives a new six amp peak current with 4 amp true continuous current.


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