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Disposable Tubes


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Our range of disposable tattoo tubes is designed to support the artist. For the best in cleanliness and practical solutions for maintaining hygiene, disposable products are an obvious answer. For the busy artist in an active studio, removing the need to spend time sterilising steel tubes and accessories can be a big help in saving time which can be better spent with customers or working on designs. Moreover, many customers appreciate knowing that they are being tattooed with disposable equipment rather than something which has been cleaned. When customers are happy, tattoo sessions tend to be a much more pleasant experience. Plus, when they see the tube being disposed of after their session this too emphasises the importance of cleanliness.

Disposable tattoo tubes with tips are much more lightweight than their steel alternatives, making them feel easier to use in the hand and avoiding the issue of fatigue which can occur on long sessions when handling a heavy machine. For artists who have noticed the tiredness in their hands from using their machine, switching to a lighter solution such as the disposable tubes could change their work dramatically. They are also ideal for people who regularly work at conventions or who travel to tour different studios: removing the need to have autoclave facilities for cleaning means there is one less piece of expensive equipment to transport every time.

The range of disposable tattooing tubes with grips and tips that we sell at Magnum Tattoo Supplies is designed to meet the needs of artists at all levels, solving common issues at an affordable price. Sterile and ready to use, they are the perfect solution.