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Ink Cups & Holders


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At Magnum we supply top quality equipment that we believe in and our tattoo ink cups are perfect for any artist who values their standard of work and takes pride in creating superb body art. Quality tattoo supplies ensure that artists can comfortably produce their best work as they have confidence in their equipment and Magnum offers a great range of varying size ink pots for use during tattooing.

Our tattoo ink caps are available in a variety of sizes for artist's convenience and it is advised that a range of different size cups are kept in a studio to avoid wasting ink or having to constantly refill cups that are too small. Our cups are of the highest quality and are made of a variety of materials including clear acrylic. There are different cups available with varying types of base, and the larger cups have a wide, flat base to minimise the chance of instability.

We also sell tattoo ink cups holders that fit a variety of different sized ink pots and are ideal for multi-coloured tattoo work. The holders make it far easier to create a palette and fill each cup with the required amount of ink prior to inking, rather than relying on loose pots that can easily be knocked over. All our pots are sealed, sterile and offer a hygienic option for storing ink during a tattoo session.

For artists who seek an exceptionally high standard of tattoo equipment, Magnum is the ideal store to visit. We have supplied quality products to the industry for over 20 years and use our extensive experience to ensure we only stock the best equipment and accessories. Our great selection of tattoo ink caps and other tattoo-related merchandise ensures new and experienced artists can equip their studios with top quality, hygienic products that are satisfaction guaranteed.