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Power Supplies

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For the artist, the tattoo machine power supplies they choose are essential to helping them create their artwork. Their machines need the correct flow of power to work effectively and there are a range of tattoo gun power supply units available on the market. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we sell products which we believe are the best options available at the best possible prices. Whether customers are looking for a basic power unit or a more expensive LCD display model, we can meet their needs.

Choosing the tattoo power supply will always be guided by the budget and the artist's preferences, but there are a few points which can guide the purchasing process. First of all, it is important to work out which voltage level will be required. The higher the voltage on the machine, the more powerful it will be. Generally, tattoo machine power supplies can range from 1.5 volts up as high as 20 volts. Then, choose which kind of power supply will be needed, digital or analogue. Digital machines have an LCD display which more accurately shows the voltage readout; analogue machines have a needle which moves to indicate the power level. The amount of power needed will depend on the pressure of the artist's work with their needles. Some tattoo guns will only work with a particular kind of power supply. The different kinds of tattoo guns will make a difference to the kind of power source needed: rotary machines and coil operated tattoo machines will only sometimes share a power source.

Once these practical concerns are taken into account, the artist is free to make their decision based on the other factors, whether a dual input is needed to run two machines at once, or whether the power unit needs to be portable, or whether you would like a particular colour or 'look' to the power unit. We have machines to meet almost everyone's needs at Magnum Tattoo Supplies.