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Things to consider before getting your hands and face tattoo


Deciding to get a tattoo on your hands or face is not something to take lightly. These are some of the most visible parts of your body, and tattoos here will be with you in every aspect of your life. Before you make this significant decision, here are a few critical things to consider to ensure you’re making a choice you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Is it recommended to get a tattoo on your face?

Getting a tattoo on your face is a significant decision that should be carefully considered due to its potential impact on your personal, professional, and social life. Facial tattoos are highly visible and can carry a stigma in many cultures and professional environments, potentially affecting employment opportunities and how others perceive you.

Furthermore, since the face is a sensitive area, getting a tattoo can be more painful than getting tattoos on other body parts. It's also important to consider tattoos' permanence, the commitment to maintaining them, and the potential for regret. Before making such a decision, we advise consulting with experienced tattoo artists and considering the long-term implications.


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Essential considerations about hand and face Tattoos

When considering hand and face tattoos, there are several essential considerations to remember, especially regarding post-tattoo care, pain, maintenance, touch-ups, and the possibility of trying it out temporarily.

Here's a breakdown of each aspect, keeping your experience at the forefront:

Post-tattoo care

After getting a tattoo on your hand or face, you must follow specific aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and prevent infections. You'll need to keep the tattooed area clean and moisturised.

Typically, you'll be advised to wash the area gently with unscented soap and apply an aftercare lotion recommended by your tattoo artist. It's crucial to avoid picking at scabs or peeling skin to prevent scarring. Sun exposure should also be minimised to protect the fresh ink from fading.

Visibility and social perception

Tattoos on the hands and face are the most visible to others and can influence how you're perceived in social and professional settings. Despite growing acceptance, tattoos in these areas might still be viewed unfavourably in certain industries or by specific individuals.

How much it hurts

The pain level you'll experience during a tattoo session varies depending on your pain tolerance and the area being tattooed. Both the hands and face have a higher concentration of nerve endings, making tattoos in these areas potentially more painful than those on more fleshy parts of the body.

You should prepare yourself for a higher level of discomfort, but remember, pain perceptions differ greatly from person to person.


Maintaining tattoos on your hands and face requires more effort due to their exposure to the elements and frequent use or washing. These areas tend to fade faster than tattoos located on other parts of the body. You'll need to regularly moisturise the tattooed skin and apply sunscreen to prevent fading from UV exposure. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated helps maintain the vibrancy of the tattoo.


Due to their propensity to fade, tattoos on the hands and face may require more frequent touch-ups than tattoos in other locations. Before getting tattooed, discuss with your artist the likelihood of needing touch-ups and their policy regarding them.

Some artists offer free or discounted touch-ups within a certain time frame, but it's important to have realistic expectations about the maintenance required.

Trying it out temporarily

If you're unsure about committing to a permanent hand or face tattoo, try the design out temporarily. Several methods exist, such as temporary tattoos created by professional artists using special inks that last several weeks or henna tattoos, which naturally fade over time.

This approach allows you to experience the look and placement of the tattoo without the permanence. It can also provide insight into how a tattoo in such a visible location might impact your daily life and interactions with others.

Cost of removal

If you later decide that a hand or face tattoo is not for you, you should know that tattoo removal can be expensive and time-consuming. The cost of removal varies widely depending on the tattoo size, complexity, and colours of the tattoo and the number of sessions required for satisfactory fading or complete removal.

Generally, professional laser tattoo removal can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, often surpassing the original cost of the tattoo. Additionally, removal is typically more painful than the tattooing process and can require several sessions spaced weeks or months apart. Each session may only partially fade the tattoo, and there's always a risk of scarring or skin discolouration.

Best face tattoo placements


a face of a man with tattoos


  1. Temples: A versatile spot for designs ranging from small to large, potentially blending into the hairline or forehead.
  2. Above or around the eyebrow: Ideal for names, phrases, or small symbols, offering a blend of visibility and subtlety.
  3. Behind the ear: Perfect for those seeking a more hidden tattoo. It's a discreet yet accessible area for small designs.
  4. Under the eye (outer corner): A bold choice for symbols or initials, offering high visibility and a strong statement.
  5. Along the cheekbone: This placement can highlight the face's natural contours, which is suitable for designs that follow the cheekbone's shape.
  6. Below the lip: A less common area that can be a subtle spot for tiny tattoos, offering an element of surprise.
  7. An entire side of your face: This area allows for large and detailed designs for those committed to making a bold statement.
  8. The side of an ear: Debated as a face tattoo, it's an excellent spot for those seeking an easily concealable design.

Best hand tattoo placements

  1. Knuckles: Popular for small symbols or letters. Visibility is high, and the area suits bold statements or words.
  2. Top of the hand: Offers a larger canvas for more detailed designs. It's very visible, making a strong statement.
  3. Fingers: Small symbols or words fit well here. Side placements can be more discreet, while top placements are more noticeable.
  4. Wrist: The inside or outside of the wrist can host small to medium tattoos and can be somewhat concealed by watches or bracelets.
  5. Thumb: An interesting spot for small designs, offering a mix of visibility and the ability to conceal.

How much does a hand and face tattoo cost in the UK?


a female looking her hand tattoos


The cost of a hand or face tattoo in the UK can differ significantly depending on several factors, including the tattoo's size, design complexity, colours used, and the artist's skill level. For tattoos on the hand, you might expect to pay from £200 to £300 for hand-sized tattoos. These estimates also extend to palm-sized tattoos, ranging from £150 to £250. It's important to note that simpler designs may cost less, even if the tattoo is larger​​.

For a face tattoo, which is considered challenging body areas, artists might charge an additional 10% to 25% on top of their standard rate. Generally, tattoo artists charge between £60 and £150 per hour. The cost could also vary based on the design's complexity and the artist's expertise.

In London, tattoo prices can start from as low as £50 for very small tattoos and can go significantly higher based on the factors mentioned. A small tattoo might cost around £60 - £200, while larger pieces like a full sleeve can range from £200 to £1000, with the price increasing depending on the design, the size of your arms, and the choice of colours.

Think carefully about getting your hands or face tattoo now

Before getting tattoos on your hands or face, think carefully. These spots are very visible and can affect how people see you. Tattoos here might need more care and can be costly to maintain. It's important to consider how these tattoos fit your future plans and if they really mean a lot to you. Getting tattoos on your hands or face is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.


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