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How to choose tattoo fonts that last a lifetime


Choosing a tattoo font is a lasting decision, but it's easy to get caught up in current trends or make a quick choice that may not age well. As your body and skin change over time, your tattoo will, too. It's crucial to select a font that remains clear and meaningful throughout your life, ensuring that your tattoo looks as good in the future as it does today.

This process requires careful thought and often professional advice to avoid common pitfalls and regrets. With this in mind, consider these key factors when selecting a tattoo font that resonates with your personal style and withstands the test of time.

While choosing a font, also consider the type of tattoo ink used, as colours like black and grey, blue, red, and other shades play a big role in the overall appearance and longevity of your tattoo. If you're looking for premium tattoo inks that will keep your design vibrant and sharp over the years, be sure to shop at our store for the best selections.


a play hard tattoo font on the fingers


Factors to consider when choosing tattoo fonts

When choosing a tattoo font that will stand the test of time, several factors should be considered to ensure that the design remains legible and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Consider the message and style

The font you choose should reflect the message or sentiment you want to convey through your tattoo. Different fonts evoke different emotions and styles. For example, script fonts can convey elegance and fluidity, while block fonts suggest strength and stability. Ensure the font aligns with the overall theme or meaning of your tattoo.

PrioritiSe legibility

As skin ages, tattoos can blur and fade. Therefore, choosing a font that is inherently legible—even at smaller sizes—is crucial. Avoid overly ornate fonts with excessive flourishes that might become indistinguishable over time. Simple, clean fonts tend to maintain their clarity.

Size matters

The size of your tattoo text will significantly impact its longevity. Smaller fonts are more prone to blurring as the skin changes, so it's advisable to go for larger lettering if you're concerned about long-term legibility. Discuss with your tattoo artist the optimal size for maintaining the details of the font you choose.

Placement is key

The placement of your tattoo can affect how well the font ages. Areas of the body that experience more friction, stretching, or exposure to the sun may lead to faster degradation of the tattoo. Common areas like the arms, legs, and back usually offer a stable canvas for tattoo fonts.

Stick to simplicity

Complex fonts can be visually stunning but may not age well. A simpler font is more likely to retain its appearance over time. Consider classic tattoo fonts like Old English or simple sans-serif options, which have proven their longevity on skin.

Consult with a professional tattoo artist

A professional tattoo artist can provide insights into which fonts work best for tattoos and how they age on the skin. They can also customiSe fonts to suit your body's contours and your personal style, enhancing both the beauty and longevity of the tattoo.

Consider future touch-ups

Understanding that no tattoo will stay pristine forever and planning for future touch-ups can influence your font choice. Some fonts are easier to touch up than others, especially those with thicker and bolder lines.

Look at long-term examples

Researching and looking at older tattoos can help you understand how different fonts age over time. This can be done by looking at online forums, discussing with tattooed individuals, or asking artists for examples of matured tattoos.

Best tattoo number fonts

a lettering tattoo



  1. Old English (Gothic): Often used for its dramatic effect, Old English is a popular choice for tattoos that require numbers, especially dates or years. It has a timeless, classic look that stands out.
  2. Modern Blackletter: This font takes the traditional Gothic or Old English style and gives it a modern twist, making it ideal for tattoos that aim for a bold, historic look with a contemporary feel.
  3. Incognito: This font often features irregular, slightly distorted shapes that give it a mysterious and edgy vibe. It's great for numbers that need to stand out with a bit of an abstract touch.
  4. Vienna Woodtype: Inspired by vintage woodcut type designs, this font can give numbers a rustic, old-world feel. It's perfect for tattoos that aim to evoke a sense of history or artisanal quality.
  5. The Northwest: A font that often features clean, straightforward lines with slight curvatures. It strikes a balance between modern minimalism and slight ruggedness, suitable for outdoor or nature-themed tattoos.
  6. Roman Numerals: Instead of a specific font, using Roman numerals themselves can be a stylish way to represent important dates or numbers. They can be styled with almost any font but are commonly seen in serif fonts for a more elegant and traditional look.
  7. Digital Clock (Seven Segment): For a modern, minimalist tattoo, the digital clock style mimics the appearance of digital watches and clocks. This is great for a sleek, contemporary look.
  8. Typewriter (Courier): This font gives a nostalgic and almost industrial feel to numbers. It's perfect for dates and works well in both small and large sizes.
  9. Alevantre: Typically characteriSed by its elegant curves and decorative elements, Alevantre is great for adding a touch of sophistication and flair to tattoo numbers, making them appear more ornate.
  10. Parlour: Evoking the feel of the early 20th-century speak-easies and tattoo parlours, Parlour font mixes the decorative with the readable, perfect for tattoos that reference the past with a touch of nostalgia.
  11. Bahisy: This font might feature bold, impactful characters, often used in headlines or signage, making it ideal for tattoos that require the numbers to be the focal point.
  12. Sport Jersey (Block Fonts): Inspired by the numbers on sports jerseys, these fonts are bold and clear, making them easy to read and enduring over time.

Best tattoo writing fonts


font letterings


Best tattoo fonts for names

These fonts are excellent for personal names, imbuing them with personality and a distinct style:

  1. Black Valentine: A script font that combines elegant swirls with dramatic strokes, making it ideal for names with a personal, romantic touch.
  2. Gloria Typeface: This typeface offers a vintage feel with modern touches, suitable for names that aim for a timeless look.
  3. Karmila Script: A fluid, cursive script that is perfect for adding a feminine and graceful touch to names.
  4. NOIR et Blanc Stylish Serif: This font balances simplicity and sophistication and is great for making names stand out with elegance.
  5. Mataö – Elegance Font Serif: With its clean and refined appearance, Mataö works well for names that require a classy, professional look.

Best font for tattoo lettering

These fonts are versatile for various text-oriented tattoos, from bold statements to subtle phrases:

  1. Rozex – Bold Decorative Gothic Font: Ideal for impactful, eye-catching lettering that makes a statement.
  2. Madison Street – Graffiti Font: Offers a street-style edge, perfect for dynamic and youthful designs.
  3. PEARL: A minimalist sans-serif that works beautifully for sleek, contemporary lettering.
  4. Prime – Modern Bold Sans Serif Font: Clear and legible, Prime is excellent for strong, straightforward messages.
  5. Mafelo SVG Font: This font features a textured, hand-drawn look that is great for more informal, personal tattoo texts.

Best tattoo fonts for quotes

These fonts enhance the narrative quality of quotes, making them memorable and engaging:

  1. Deja Vu Handwritten Ink Font: Mimics personal handwriting, adding a personal touch to any quote.
  2. Shawte: Modern and chic, Shawte is suitable for quotes that require a trendy, fashionable feel.
  3. Old School Handwritten Script Font: Reflects a classic style, perfect for quotes with a nostalgic or timeless theme.
  4. Moments | Typewriter Font: Brings a raw, authentic typewriter look, ideal for quotes that aim for a retro, introspective vibe.
  5. Posture – Modern Sans Serif: Its clean and modern look makes it suitable for contemporary quotes that aim for clarity and simplicity.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, selecting the right tattoo font is essential for ensuring it looks great and remains readable as it ages with your skin. Opt for simplicity, size appropriately, and always consult with a professional tattoo artist. Taking these steps helps ensure your tattoo remains a cherished and clear expression of yourself for a lifetime.

Also, remember that using high-quality inks and following thorough aftercare protocols can significantly affect how your tattoo heals and matures over time. If you're looking for premium tattoo aftercare products that will support the longevity and clarity of your design, be sure to shop at our store.

With the right care and quality materials, your tattoo will remain a cherished and clear expression of yourself for a lifetime.


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