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Best dog tattoo designs to show your love for your pet


Pets hold a special place in our hearts, and what better way to honour that bond than with a tattoo? Many pet owners want a lasting way to express their love for their pets, and a dog tattoo design is a perfect solution. It allows you to always carry your pet's spirit with you.

So, let's explore some of the best dog tattoo designs that can showcase your love and devotion to your furry friend.

What does a dog tattoo symbolise?

A dog tattoo symbolises loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love. It often represents the special bond between a person and their pet, serving as a tribute to the dog's role in their life.

Whether it's a portrait of a beloved pet, a paw print, or a symbolic design, a dog tattoo can also honour the memory of a cherished dog that has passed away, celebrating the joy and comfort they brought to their owner's life.

Our favourite dog tattoos

1. Dog tattoo with sunflower (@maiko.only)

This charming dog tattoo sits delicately above the ankle, featuring a small portrait of a dog with a bright yellow sunflower grasped gently in its mouth. It radiates warmth and affection, symbolising the beautiful bond between a pet and its owner.

2. Dog portrait tattoo (@lukaskaytattoo)

This captivating dog tattoo showcases a detailed portrait of a dog framed by lush green leaves that add a touch of natural beauty. The dog's playful gesture of sticking out its tongue adds a touch of whimsy and personality to the design, making it a delightful expression of love and admiration for our canine companions.


@maiko.only - @lukaskaytattoo


3. "Lady and the Tramp" (@abbiehoskintattoo)

This heart warming tattoo depicts the famous spaghetti scene from Disney’s Lady & The Tramp. This sweet image is framed within a heart and encapsulates the moment the two canine companions share the same noodle. A great piece for fans of both dog’s and Disney.

4. Realistic dog portrait tattoo (@zoefowletattoo)

A lifelike portrait of a black and white dog, framed in a vibrant purple border. The dog tenderly holds a brown teddy bear, adding warmth and nostalgia to the design. With its realistic depiction and heartfelt symbolism, this dog tattoo design is a beautiful tribute to our beloved canine companions' unwavering loyalty and affection.


@abbiehoskintattoo - @zoefowletattoo


Dog tattoo designs to show your love for your pet

Portrait tattoos

A portrait tattoo is a timeless way to immortalise your pet. This design captures the intricate details and unique characteristics of your dog's face, creating a lasting tribute. A skilled tattoo artist can ensure that every feature, from the twinkle in their eyes to the texture of their fur, is perfectly depicted.

Why choose a portrait tattoo?

  • Captures the true essence of your pet.
  • No two portraits are the same, making your tattoo one-of-a-kind.

Paw print tattoos

Paw print tattoos are a popular and versatile choice. These tattoo designs can be as simple or intricate as you like, and they symbolise your pet's impact on your life. Whether you pick for a realistic paw print tattoo or a stylised version, this tattoo is a subtle yet powerful tribute.

Why choose a paw print tattoo?

  • A minimalist design that still holds deep meaning.
  • It can be placed almost anywhere on your body.
  • Add names, dates, or other symbols to personalise the tattoo further.

Silhouette tattoos

Silhouette tattoos are perfect for those who prefer a more abstract and artistic representation of their pet. This design features the outline of your dog in a dynamic pose, capturing their spirit and energy in a simple yet striking way.

Why choose a silhouette tattoo?

  • Offers a contemporary take on pet tattoos.
  • Makes a statement without being overly detailed.
  • Even in silhouette, the essence of your pet shines through.

Watercolour tattoos

Watercolour tattoos bring a splash of colour and creativity to traditional pet tattoos. This design style mimics the fluid and vibrant nature of watercolour paintings, adding an artistic flair to your pet's likeness. It's perfect for those who want a tattoo that's as lively and colourful as their furry friend.

Why choose a watercolour tattoo?

  • Stands out with its bright and varied colours.
  • Each tattoo is a work of art, offering a fresh take on pet portraits.
  • Reflects the joyful and playful nature of your pet.

Common dog breeds featured in tattoos

1. Labrador Retriever

  • Known for their friendly and outgoing nature.
  • Often depicted in playful or relaxed poses.

2. German Shepherd

  • Symbolises loyalty and protection.
  • Frequently illustrated in a vigilant or noble stance.

3. Bulldog

  • Represents determination and resilience.
  • Typically shown with a stoic or tenacious expression.

4. Poodle

  • Signifies elegance and intelligence.
  • Commonly portrayed in a groomed and sophisticated manner.

5. Golden Retriever

  • Embodies warmth and affection.
  • Often captured in a cheerful and loving demeanour.

6. Dachshund

  • Known for their curious and brave personality.
  • Usually depicted in playful or curious poses.

7. Siberian Husky

  • Represents adventure and independence.
  • Frequently illustrated with striking blue eyes and a strong stance.

8. French Bulldog

  • Symbolises charm and adaptability.
  • Commonly shown in a cute and affectionate pose.


9. Chihuahua

  • Represents courage and alertness.
  • Typically illustrated in a lively and spirited manner.

10. Cocker Spaniel

  • Embodies affection and gentleness.
  • Often shown in a friendly and endearing pose.

How do you transform a photo of your dog into a tattoo design?

  1. Choose the right photo: Select a clear, high-resolution photo capturing your dog's distinctive features.
  2. Consult a tattoo artist: Find a skilled artist, discuss your vision, and listen to their suggestions.
  3. Design drafting: The artist creates a preliminary sketch based on the photo.
  4. Refine the design: Review and adjust the sketch to ensure it captures your dog's likeness.
  5. Choosing the style: Decide on a style (e.g., realistic, watercolour) that reflects your preference and the artist's expertise.
  6. Placement and size: Determine the tattoo's location and size based on detail and placement.
  7. Tattoo session: Schedule and prepare for the tattoo session following the artist's instructions.

Can you tattoo a dog paw print?

Yes, you can tattoo a dog paw print. It is a popular and meaningful choice that symbolises the presence and memory of your pet. The paw print can be accurately replicated from your dog's actual print and serves as a simple yet heartfelt tribute.

Final thoughts

A dog tattoo is a wonderful way to celebrate your bond with your pet. Whether you choose a realistic portrait, a symbolic paw print, a timeless silhouette, or a playful cartoon, each design reflects your love and appreciation. A dog tattoo is a lasting tribute to the joy and companionship your furry friend brings into your life.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz