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This week's Instagram highlights: Our top tattoo design picks


Welcome to the start of March and our latest feature. As we welcome a new month, we're also excited to showcase the most striking and inspiring tattoos we've found on Instagram. From bold colours to unique designs, these tattoos are more than just ink on the skin—they're pieces of art that tell a story, express personality, and inspire us all.

Whether you're a tattoo enthusiast, an artist looking for inspiration, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of ink, there's something here for everyone. Let's dive in and discover the tattoos that are setting trends and turning heads this week.

Katsu kitty tattoo (

Check out this cool tattoo we found this week: it's a simple, yet powerful blackwork piece featuring a cat sleeping peacefully. What makes it unique is the cat hugging a heart-shaped pillow with the word "Katsu" on it.

Done in an ignorant style, it's all about bold lines and a straightforward design. It's perfect for anyone who loves cats or wants a tattoo that's both cute and meaningful. A true inspiration for anyone looking for something special to add to their collection. - @niamhxgannon


Doc Martens boot tattoo (@niamhxgannon)

Next up on our weekly Instagram favourites is a tattoo that'll have footwear enthusiasts and traditional ink lovers buzzing with excitement.

A classic Dr Martens boot, not just any boot, but one that's come alive with a burst of red flowers, transforming the iconic rugged footwear into a walking bouquet. This American traditional tattoo captures the essence of rebellion and beauty, blending the toughness of Dr. Martens with the delicate allure of red blooms.

It's a piece that speaks volumes about the wearer's love for timeless style and nature's intricate artistry. If you've ever thought about combining your love for fashion and florals, this tattoo might just be the inspiration you've been searching for.

Colourful elephant tattoo (@steff_tattoos)

Stepping into the spotlight for our next Instagram pick is a tattoo that's as majestic as it is vibrant—a colourful elephant that looks as though it's danced through a rainbow!

This isn't just any elephant; it's an explosion of hues, with its body adorned in a kaleidoscope of shiny and bright colours, including green, violet, pink, blue, and more. It's as if this magnificent creature has been soaked in different colours of paint, each one telling a story of joy and creativity.

This tattoo captures the spirit of the elephant in a way that's both whimsical and awe-inspiring, making it a perfect choice for those who want their skin to showcase a celebration of life's vivid palette.

If you're someone who believes in the power of colour and the beauty of wildlife, this radiant elephant could be the inspiration you've been dreaming of!


@steff_tattoos - @inkryption_


Valentines bat tattoo (@inkryption_)

Our next Instagram favourite is a tattoo is a Valentine's bat tattoo that's sure to captivate both the night owls and the lovebirds out there. This isn't your ordinary bat; it's a celebration of love and mystery, with its eyes crafted in the perfect shape of hearts, offering a gaze that's both enchanting and endearing.

The true magic, however, lies in its wings; imagine them unfolding to reveal a soft, pink hue underneath, adding a touch of tenderness to its enigmatic aura. This 'ignorant style' tattoo stands out for its playful yet bold depiction, marrying the edginess of a bat with the sweetness of Valentine's symbolism. If you're drawn to tattoos that tell a story of love in the most unexpected ways, this heart-eyed bat with its pink-hued wings might just be the next addition to your collection.

Panther tattoo (@blxckbuck_)

Wrapping up our week's selection of must-see tattoos, we've got a piece that's all about raw power and wild beauty—a traditional panther tattoo that's sure to turn heads. An angry panther, muscles tensed and ready to pounce, its fangs bared in a fearsome snarl, and sharp claws extended for the strike.

This tattoo is a masterful representation of the panther's untamed spirit, captured in the bold lines and striking contrasts that are hallmarks of traditional tattoo art. It's a symbol of strength, agility, and the fearless soul, making it a perfect choice for anyone who identifies with the panther's fierce independence and majestic presence.

If you've been looking for a tattoo that embodies both beauty and beast, this panther is ready to leap off the skin and into your heart.




Our favourite tattoo design this week

As we wrap up this week's journey through Instagram's most captivating tattoo designs, it's clear that the world of tattoo art is as diverse and vibrant as ever.

From the classic elegance of traditional styles to the bold hues of modern artistry, each piece we've highlighted stands as a testament to the creativity and skill of artists and the personal stories of those who wear them. These designs not only showcase the incredible talent floating around social media but also remind us of the beauty in expressing ourselves through art.

We hope this week's picks have added a splash of colour and creativity to your month. Stay tuned for more artful discoveries as we continue to explore the boundless world of tattoo design on Instagram.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz