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Lenny Kravitz's tattoos steal the show in his new music 'TK421'


In a seamless fusion of art and music, Grammy-winning artist Lenny Kravitz has once again taken the world by storm with his latest music video, "TK421." However, what sets this release apart is not just the sonic brilliance but the tattoo visual storytelling that accompanies it.

Kravitz, renowned for his soul-stirring melodies and signature rock style, has brought his tattoos to the forefront in "TK421," weaving them into the very fabric of his narrative. These tattoos, etched across his body, are more than mere ink; they are a tapestry of memories, experiences, and emotions.

As we delve into the heart of "TK421," we'll explore how Lenny Kravitz's tattoos play an integral role in the video's storytelling, inviting viewers on a journey that is as personal as it is powerful.


tattoo machine and inks


Lenny Kravitz's new music video - "TK421"

Amidst exploring Lenny Kravitz tattoos, it's impossible to ignore Kravitz's latest artistic endeavour. The music video for "TK421," directed by acclaimed director Tanu Muino, is a visual spectacle that perfectly complements the song's energetic and eclectic nature. The video, which has been labelled NSFW, showcases Kravitz in a bold and unapologetic light, resonating with the song’s free spirit.

"TK421" is a dynamic blend of funk, soul and rock music, featuring Kravitz's signature style. The track includes funk guitars, analogue synths, and a fiery saxophone solo, creating an infectious and energetic rhythm. The song's lyrics encourage listeners to face their fears and embrace their feelings, aligning with the expressive nature of Kravitz's tattoos.

Moreover, this single paves the way for Kravitz's much-anticipated album, "Blue Electric Light," set to release in March 2024. The album, promising to blend the old with the new, is expected to be a modern reflection of Kravitz's legacy in the music industry.

What does TK 421 mean?

"TK-421" is a reference originally from the Star Wars universe. In the original film, "Star Wars" (Episode IV: A New Hope), TK-421 is the call sign of a stormtrooper. There's a notable scene where a character inquires, "TK-421, why aren't you at your post?" This line became quite famous among Star Wars fans and is often cited in popular culture.

In contexts outside of Star Wars, like in Lenny Kravitz's song "TK421," the reference could be a nod to this iconic piece of pop culture. Artists often use such references to create a certain mood or evoke shared cultural memories in their work. Without specific information from Kravitz about his intentions, one can only speculate that he is either directly referencing Star Wars or using the reference for its cultural recognition and thematic resonance.


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Lenny Kravitz's tattoo collection

1. The Japanese dragon tattoo

Adorning his chest, shoulder, and upper left arm, Kravitz sports a magnificent Japanese dragon tattoo. This intricate artwork symbolizes supernatural power and mystique. Dominated by shades of black and grey with a hint of red, the dragon represents Kravitz's otherworldly musical prowess.

2. Floral tattoo

Kravitz's left forearm is graced with a colourful array of flowers, including lilies and daisies. This bouquet signifies growth and a deep connection with nature, resonating with his organic approach to life and music.

3. "Free at last" tattoo

Etched in elegant cursive on his right forearm, the phrase "Free at last" is more than just a tattoo for Kravitz. It's a personal mantra, reflecting his journey towards artistic and personal freedom.

4. Letter “Z” tattoo

A small yet significant tattoo of the letter 'Z' on his right-hand finger pays homage to his daughter, Zoe Kravitz, showcasing the rockstar's tender paternal side.

5. Cross with triangles tattoo

On his right forearm, Kravitz bears a unique cross composed of small triangles. This black and grey tattoo intertwines spirituality with a modern, geometric aesthetic.

6. African tribal wristband tattoo

An African tribal wristband tattoo encircles Kravitz's right hand. Crafted by tattoo artist Kervin Brecino, it represents his connection to his African heritage and the rhythmic influences in his music.

7. Stars tattoo

Kravitz has adorned the sides of both hands with five stars each, symbolizing guidance, ambition, and a nod to the cosmic forces that influenced artistic creation.

8. The enigmatic face Tattoo

An intriguing face tattoo on his right forearm adds a mysterious element to his collection, perhaps reflecting the many faces of his dynamic career.


The most impactful of all, spread across his back, this phrase in bold letters is a testament to Kravitz's deep-rooted spiritual beliefs and unshaken faith.


tattoo artist doing arm tattoo



Lenny Kravitz's tattoos and his music are interconnected expressions of his journey, beliefs, and artistic identity. The release of "TK421" adds another dimension to his diverse portfolio, showcasing his ability to evolve yet remain true to his roots. Critics and fans and alike eagerly await the full experience of "Blue Electric Light," which, like his tattoos, is sure to narrate yet another chapter of his remarkable story.

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