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Ronnie Starr


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Ronnie Starr caters for the Cast and Fabricated machine through the aspiration to deliver not only great quality mechanics, but also outstanding customer service and choice. The Cast and Fabricated derive from a company that has spent years and years building up an extensive collection with one single purpose, to serve the tattooist for a lifetime. Their investments are visible within the Cast collection. This is due to the very best of materials and needle groupings to get the best out of the tattooists’’ ability for a highly polished finish. Along with the lifespan of Casting guaranteed to last long through the available aluminium and brass, Ronnie Starr also offer both the Turbo and Titan series in cast iron. As for the Fabricated, We hold in stock a chain of tattoo machines such as the Lightweight and Parabola Liner, Humber Shader, Tribal Grafter and Silver Surfer. Light and tight machines that have undertaken constant rejigs to their nature and fabrications to create greatness direct from the workshop. Additionally Powerline provide the customer with accessories specific to improving the Silver Surfer.