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Essential to the art of modern tattooing is the tattoo gun power supply. A tattoo gun power supply controls the speed of the needle to give you ultimate control over the pace of the inking. Tattoo gun power supplies have revolutionised the art to give tattoo artists the control and speed they are most comfortable with when creating even the most intricate of tattoo designs.

Magnum Tattoo Supplies has a wide range of tattoo gun power supply units to choose from to enable professional tattoo artists to buy the best power supply for their needs. Our products range from budget to high end but you can be sure of a high quality, reliable power supply whatever your budget allows for.

Our range of tattoo machine power supplies is available in a variety of different colours. The budget range is made from light weight aluminium however they are incredibly durable and manufactured to go the distance. If you are looking for a more deluxe power supply unit for your tattoo gun we've got that covered too. Our top of the range power supply units come with a full range of accessories and offer professional tattoo artists even more precision when creating their works of art.

Whatever type of tattoo machine power supply unit you need we will have the right product to suit your needs. We have more than 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry so you can be sure that when you buy your tattoo products from us you will be purchasing products of the highest quality