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The Church Tattoo Studio, Redditch

01527 759852

Stephanie Melbourne has been tattooing since 2016 and predominately specialises in Neo-traditional tattoos. She initially studied illustration and drew pencil portraits, and she has turned her creative hobby into a career. Stephanie currently works at The Church Tattoo Studio in Redditch, Birmingham. She says its been a “whirlwind so far”.

Palm Noir Tattoo Studio, Wirral

0151 538 0557

Danny began his tattooing career on the Wirral in 2012, specialising in Traditional and Neo-traditional tattoos. He later moved to Berlin, Germany where he expanded his experience as an artist and travelled to lots of different countries to work at international tattoo conventions. Danny has gained a lot of awards at various conventions and hopes to travel and tattoo in even more places in the future.

With Heart Tattoo, Preston

Dorisu fell into tattooing as she had always been drawing since she was young and never really wanted to do any other job that wasn’t creative. She loved tattooing from the very start and she is always trying to improve. She says her tattoo journey has “been amazing so far, I’ve met so many lovely artists and clients and many have become my friends”. Dorisu specialise in neo traditional/glitter and also blackwork/dotwork tattoos.

Painted Lady Tattoo, Birmingham

0121 608 6086

Matt is situated in Birmingham and tattoos from Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour. He specialises in neo-traditional tattoos, and has a knack for creating some amazing neo-trad style portraits. From Ken Jeong to Bob Ross, Matt captures the likeness perfectly in all of the portraits he does.

Legacy Ink, Haverhill

01440 708549

Josh started tattooing around 12 years ago – he collected tattoos and always had an interest, but never planned to start doing them himself! He got an apprenticeship and never looked back. His chosen style is dark black and grey, and he loves using textures and contrasts. He says that being able to do what he loves is a real privilege.

Prophecy International Tattoo Gallery, Exeter

01392 547667

Working from Prophecy Tattoo Gallery Exeter, Anthony has only been tattooing for a few years, but his solid and colourful neo-traditional tattoos are incredible. From dinosaurs to anime characters, to pop-culture inspired pieces, Anthony's work is always bold and bright.

Alone in the Dark Ink, Didcot

01235 816559

In 2007 Ladislav moved from Slovakia to the UK. The following year he decided he wanted to pursue a career in tattooing, so began learning his craft whilst working 2 different jobs. After around 3 years of mastering the art, he opened his shop Alone in the Dark Ink, and he still works there now. Ladislav enjoys working at tattoo conventions, and has 46 awards to his name (all first place!). He’s also been published in various tattoo magazines, and has won 2 British Business Awards. He loves working on large-scale concept pieces, and feels fortunate that his customers put their trust in him, which in turn allows him to grow as an artist.

Palm Noir, Wirral

Sam Reilly has been tattooing for around 17 years now. She tends to do a lot of realism work and portaits, as well as neo-traditional and more illustrative things – she tends to mix up styles! She has had her own studio Palm Noir for the last ten years as she wanted somewhere chilled and inspiring to work at. She has a great group of artists that work with her, and they push each other daily to be the best artist they can be.

Black Gate Tattoo, Widnes

01928 574808

Tony Kennedy has been a tattooist for over 6 years, he specialises in bold geometric linework combined with delicate dot-work whilst also creating a distinct style called Neonwork. He owns Black Gate Tattoos in Widnes, and he is looking forward to being part of the future of tattooing.

Alchemy Tattoo Art, Accrington

01235 816559

Working from Alchemy Tattoo in Accrington, Amy specialises in black and grey tattoos. She hasn't been tattooing for long, but her work is really beautiful, and she's had another of our sponsored artists, Scott Wyness showing her the ropes.

Devil in the Detail, Stoke-on-Trent

From an early age, Ben has always been interested in all art forms. His mum, dad, and grandad were all artists, which introduced him to the artistic lifestyle. He got into tattooing to pursue a career involving art, and 14 years later, he here is! His work has evolved throughout the years, he now works mainly with colours. He is known for doing realism and cartoonism.

Ragnarok Tattoo, Kingsbridge

Based in Devon, Paul has been tattooing for over a decade. He is originally from Cardiff but moved to Plymouth to study art at university, where he first got into tattooing. His tattoo style is mostly blackwork/geometric, and he loves to include a variety of influences from other forms of art. Outside of tattooing, he enjoys painting and carpentry on his days off. Over the past few years, he has won a few awards, and he is very keen to attend more conventions.

Embellished Ink

01202 515301

Troy has been tattooing for 11 years, and has developed his style over studying countless artists that he admires. Currently, he operates out of his studio called Embellished Ink in Bournemouth. He specialises in black and grey tattoos, focusing on Chicano realism. He is “trying to bring the South American flair to the UK’s south coast”.

White Tiger Tattoo, Bathgate

01383 279510

Mikkel Østberg is an international multi-award winning tattoo artist who specialises in large scale work of all styles. Mikkel works out of his private studio White Tiger Tattoo, which is located in West Lothian, Scotland. He’s also had lots of his work featured in Skin Deep and Skin Shots magazines.

Lord Nelson Tattoos, Chester

01244 341568

Peter 'Lord' Nelson has been tattooing since early 2006, where he studied his craft under the well known artists at Saz's Tattoo Studio in Warrington. He went on to open his own successful shop, Lord Nelson Tattoos in Chester. Pete's passion lies within realism but he does very much enjoy all aspects and mediums of this art form.

Ebb & Flow, Colchester

Charlotte specialises in neo-traditional colour and dotwork animal tattoos, however, she also loves making gaming and nerdy tattoos too! She is an avid gamer in her spare time and plays on an Overwatch team. She fell in love with tattooing when she got her first tattoo and has been hooked ever since.

The BlackHouse Club

Sasha has always been interested in art, in all its forms. On her 18th birthday, she was straight in the tattoo chair, having a three hour session, and by the end of the session, she realised she wanted to be a tattoo artist! She moved to Brighton and searched for an apprenticeship, and by 2013 she was tattooing. She specialises in blackwork mostly, but she loves doing realism and portraits. She says “Getting to work with people I admire is definitely my greatest achievement in tattooing”.

Private Studio, Brighton

Georgiie started out in a small shop in Portslade for her apprenticeship where she learned the basics of tattooing, and since then she's taught herself a lot. Georgiie moved to Buzz Tattoo in Lancing and now has her own private studio in Brighton. She prefers full colour work, taking inspiration from the likes of Ashley Luka, Sarah K and Jody Dawber.

Tatt House, Belfast

028 9060 0697

Alan got into tattooing in around 2012. He's been drawing his whole life but never thought he could make money from it until a friend advised him to create a portfolio and take it to the studio he got tattooed at, and the rest is history. The style Alan does day in and day out is black and grey realism. Animal portraits is what gets asked for the most, and what he really enjoys doing. Alan says "tattooing has given me so much in life and I feel truly blessed everyday".

Private Studio, Bristol


Oswestry, UK


Bridge Street Tattoo, Chester

Sammie Jones specialises in watercolour art, with an element of realism. She describes this as an “extension of the way she paints”. Her inspiration is often taken from nature, but she is also drawn to bright, bold imagery. Sammie started tattooing 8 years ago, and she believes that she has so much further to grow and learn.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Alex took up interest in tattooing when she was around 13, influenced by metal and bike rallies. Her preferred style is neotraditional, with a more feminine twist! She gets easily inspired by fellow tattoo artists, and over the past 8 years she has progressed quickly, and she takes great pride in making clients feel good about themselves and their tattoos.

The Warehouse Tattoo, Kent


Bank Street Tattoo, Edinburgh


Cicada Electric Tattoo Studio, Plymouth

Martin started tattooing with traditional styles and wanted to work in as many different ways that he could, exploring all styles and techniques. His favourite styles are surrealism/liquid realism, but he also loves neo traditional and illustrative styles too! He hopes to develop his great skills even further in the future.

HR Tattoo Studio, Glasgow


Bold Will Hold Tattoo, Belfast

David is the owner of Bold Will Hold Tattoo in Belfast. He has been a full time tattooer since 2017. David specialises in traditional tattooing, particularly bold, colourful designs. His proudest achievement so far is opening up his own private studio, and he looks forward to the years to come!

Traditional Values Tattoo, Devon

Matt became a tattoo artist after discovering his passion as a child. He was around 10 when he first discovered the arm form, and from then on, he wanted to be covered in tattoos. Since his apprenticeship he has worked with many styles and techniques and now has his own studio, Traditional Values. He specialises in neo-traditional and neo-Japanese styles.

Skins and Needles, Middlesbrough

Adam Hawkes has 13 years of experience in the tattoo industry. He is a self-taught realism artist who can comfortably switch up his game and work in various different styles, providing top class results, whether he’s working in black and grey or colour. Working on a large-scale canvas is one of his favourite options as this gives him the chance to freely project his creativity and talent within a certain theme or unique custom design.

Fates and Fury, Sheffield

Hi, I’m Lily and I co-own Fates and Fury Tattoo in Sheffield. I’m still fairly new in the industry I’ve been tattooing for a few years, and although I dabbled in every style during my apprenticeship if I’m honest I’ve specialised in neo-traditional from nearly day one. It’s my absolute favourite and I’ve loved it ever since I was studying at art school. I fell in love with bold lines and trying out different colour combinations. I’m excited to push myself even more and see what the next few years bring for my art.

Signature Skinart, Aberdeen


Private Studio, High Wycombe, UK


L1 Electric Tattoo Co.


Eleven Tattoo

Kris started tattooing in Bognor Regis, after finishing his degree in Photography. He has been tattooing for a few years and his taste for geometric patterns and blackwork tattoos was quickly uncovered during his apprenticeship. He has taken inspiration from Black Symmetry and Suttoos, with their strong geometric and Japanese inspired work. His proudest moment is being able to open his own shop, Eleven Tattoo.

Gunz N Ink, Suffolk

Lucie, known as Lucietattoo, has been tattooing for 7 years now, specialising in blackwork floral designs. She co-hosts a podcast about tattooing called “How Much for a Sleeve?”. She has wanted to get into tattooing as soon as tattoos came onto her radar in her teens, but having her daughter young, she had to wait for the right time. Tattooing has been a “dream come true” for Lucie.

New Hope, Aldershot


Second Skin, Derby


The Vault Tattoos, Yeovil

Dan Giles is an artist at The Vault Tattoos in Somerset, and has been tattooing full time since 2017. Initially, he wanted to go into colour realism, but after a couple of years, he fell in love with traditional tattooing and decided it should be his main focus. One of his big achievements is his degree in History, which is his second-most passion after tattooing, so he jumps at every opportunity to include this into his work.

The Gilded Rook, Chesterfield

Liv started her tattoo apprenticeship from the age of 18 and worked within that studio for almost 9 years. She had wanted to tattoo from a young age and always tried to keep the mindset of ‘if you want something bad enough, you've got to make it happen’. Last year, Liv opened her own private studio called The Gilded Rook Tattoo Studio. She says she is “so lucky to work alongside some very talented artists and to have had the past years being guided and taught by amazing artists”.

Watermelon Tattoo, Edinburgh

Noemi grew up in Naples, Italy and during her studies she found a passion for graffiti and managed to become an apprentice at Costa Tattoo Studio. After several years she moved to Edinburgh. She works with various styles, and she became sought after for her distinct style in watercolour. She has become very versatile over the years and loves to mix it up! Three years ago, she opened the doors to her own studio: Watermelon Tattoo.

Watermelon Tattoo, Edinburgh

Liz started tattooing when she was 18, she has always loved art and has been drawing/painting since she was a kid. She has met some amazing people through tattooing, she says its one of the best parts of tattooing. She likes blackwork and black n grey, she specialises mostly in blackwork. She is proud of moving all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Edinburgh, Scotland and investing on my career here.

Made You Look Tattoo, Kent


Black River Tattoo, Rainham


Ashley Newton Tattoo, Lincoln


The Willow Rose Tattoo Parlour, Walsall


Citadel Tattoo, Liverpool


Belfast Blackworks Tattoo, Belfast


Vivid Ink, Birmingham


Skin Kitchen Tattoo Lounge, Kent


3-6-9 Tattoo


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