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Magnum Shaders (M1) - Mega Mags Tattoo Needles

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Highest quality, sterile, pre-soldered, ready made, on the bar tattoo needles, individually blister packaged. Standard Taper 2.5 - 2.7mm Diameter 0.35/12. Available In Sizes: 21M1, 23M1, 25M1, 29M1, 35M1, 39M1

One of the hallmarks of good work is accurate shading, which is why this pack of thirty Magnum Shaders needles is such a useful investment. This needle is specifically designed to allow you to create fine art which can stand up to close scrutiny. Importantly, each needle has been individually inspected for imperfections, ensuring the product won't let you down. Made from robust ISO 9001 certified stainless steel, the needles are pre-soldered and ready for immediate use. They each incorporate a grommet (nipple) which helps to reduce the vibrational effect of the machine, giving a more even result.

Prior to packaging, each needle is sterilised using EO (ethylene oxide) for maximal hygiene. Because the needles are all packed in individual blister packs, there is minimal risk of inappropriate handling or cross contamination. These products also have a CE kite mark, indicating they are of high enough quality to be suitable for use in Europe and America. For easy and correct needle selection, each pack is stamped with the needle's size and expiry date.

Pack Size: 30

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