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Disposable Tips - Round (RT)

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Box of 50

High quality round disposable tips. Pre-made, sterilized, individually blister packaged and ready to use .All tips are high precision and standard length.

Available In Sizes: 01RT, 03RT, 05RT, 07RT, 09RT, 11RT, 13RT, 15RT, 18RT

Disposable tips and grips have recently become the preferred choice of tattoo artists over their non-disposable counterparts due to their superior usability and exceptional safety. Immaculate cleaning to ensure sterility in order to avoid passing on infections is no longer an issue, when a tip is finished with it can simply be safely discarded and replaced with a new, clean one for a new client, wasting barely any time in between.

These professional disposable round tips have a firm, comfortable three quarter ince rubber grip which is ribbed to protect against slipping, so that the hand remains steady throughout the session. The tips are individually packaged which avoids contamination, and sterilised with ethylene oxide gas for maximum safety. The tips are made from medical grade plastic 144R -111 resin, so quality isn't an issue.

Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies all of our professional disposable tips come with the grip included, so they can be used right away with minimum fuss.

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