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Set (7) Japanese Tattoo Designs Books by Horimouja

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All six of our great outline books from Horimouja's growing library of tattoo books. Classic Icons from Japanese culture and myth are represented here in Japanese traditional yet modern style.

We sell all of Horimouja's books of Japanese tattoo designs individually, but all seven of them are available to purchase as a set here, saving almost a third of the cost of purchasing them individually.

Jack Mosher (aka Horimouja) is acclaimed as the "Jackanese" tattoo master. Influenced in early childhood by the Martial Arts, he became a self-taught tattoo artist himself. Horimouja developed his own style of traditional Japanese tattoo designs, combining the old with the new. This makes his work a valuable source of inspiration, as it provides fresh approach to this genre, adding a twist and individuality to the much repeated Japanese designs.

Each book is a collection of his outline designs, representing an excellent modern resource for the art and motifs of Japanese mythology.

The set is comprises:

  • "Japanese Tattoo Designs"
  • "Japanese Tattoo Designs Part II"
  • "Dragons"
  • "Koi"
  • "Hannya"
  • "Tigers, Hawks and Snakes"
  • "Skulls"

The books are in black and white, with a soft cover.

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