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BLK Powder DTH Drops - Solidifying Powder (sachets)

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BLKpowder is the safest, easiest & most efficient way to dispose of your tattoo rinse cup, ink caps & wet waste. Created by waste disposal experts and used by tattoo artists worldwide.

• Hygienic
• Innovative
• Portable
• Economical

The DTHdrop is the latest BLKpowder innovation, designed with conventions in mind – with ‘the teabag from hell’, it is quick & convenient, there is less mess and you no longer need to guess the amount of powder needed to solidify your wet waste!

To use, once you have finished the tattoo, simply drop a BLKpowder DTHdrop into your rinsecup....
Tip: you can put all of your ink caps into your rinsecup first to solidify them together!

Wait approximately 30 seconds for the DTHdrop to solidify the liquid....

You can now dispose of your rinsecup just as you would your solid waste....


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