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True Gent Premium Cartridges (Sample Box)

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True Gent Premium Cartridges

The brand new True Gent Premium Cartridges are designed and created to meet the highest of technical specifications. The care taken and attention to detail during the manufacturing process has resulted in True Gent being able to supply the tattoo industry with a new standard bearer in the tattoo cartridge market.

Now colour coded so you can tell the different configurations apart quickly and easily.

Fitted with safety membrane for ultimate hygiene. Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sterile needle cartridges.


Set Includes 2 cartridges in each of the following sizes:

0807RL, 1003RL, 1005RL, 1009RL, 1207RS, 1209RM, 1215RM, 0815M1, 1207M1, 1215M1, 



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