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Deathless Cords Ultra Flex Slickcord

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Traditional clipcords and RCA cords are made using silicone or speaker wires which are designed to be plugged into the back of a speaker out of sight. They are designed to be stationary which little to no movement, however when used by tattoo artists they can break.

Designed by tattoo artist Shaun Christopher, Deathless cords are made from high quality instrument cables (designed to be thrashed around on stage) and are surrounded by fibre strands that massively increases the pull-strength of the cable.

Deathless cords are the toughest you can uses and come with a 1-year guarantee.

SLICKcord with smooth non-porous exterior and permanently sealed 1/4" monophone and 1/8" monophone connectors. Woven nylon material within the cord prevents tangling and adds flexibility while enhancing the cables internal performance and strength. Non-porous vibration proof and crush proof insulated exterior provides added comfort and better voltage flow.

Permanently Sealed Internal Parts
Kevlar Reinforced Stress Points
Vibration & Crush Proof
Water Resistant

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