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Disposable Tips - Open Flat (15FT-O)

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Box of 50

High quality OPEN FLAT disposable tips. Pre-made, sterilized, individually blister packaged and ready to use .All tips are high precision and standard length.

Available In Sizes: 15FT-O

Open Flat disposable tattoo tips (FT-O) from Magnum Tattoo Supplies come already sterilised so that tattoo artists have the reliable, safe tips they want during their inking sessions. The quality flat tips are sterilised by ethylene oxide (EO) gas, which is an effective method trusted in the tattoo industry. They are pre-made and standard length, ready for use directly from the package to save tattoo artists valuable time in their days.

Open Flat disposable tattoo tips (FT-O) come within individual blister packs to deter tampering and provide easy single use. They are CE marked and approved for usage in Europe under its current legislation.

Magnum Tattoo Supplies ensures only the best quality tips are delivered by using thorough quality control procedures, which makes it a trusted supplier in the tattoo industry. 

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