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Eikon EMS420 Power Supply

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Eikon EMS420 Power Supply

Accuracy and responsiveness are critical during the tattoo process. You need to be able to tap into your desired voltage, with precise response and control. Inaccuracy simply can’t happen. So we have completely re-written the operating system, incorporated smart chip technology and made some changes both inside and out.


High touch sensitivity voltage adjustment buttons for quick and accurate fine touch adjustments and rapid 0.2 volts/3 x per second coarse voltage adjustments.
Sleep Mode - 30 minutes
Brightly lit green LCD display and LED buttons
Metallic gold fleck green enclosure
Durable precision laser cut stainless steel stand
Designed and manufactured using 95% North American quality components

Capacitance Touch User Interface:

Illuminated green LED buttons provide quick and accurate activation/voltage adjustments with the touch of a finger. Finely tuned to work flawlessly through barrier controls.

Smooth Consistant Power:

Operate both rotary and coil tattoo machines at maximum efficiency without having to switch modes. Improve your machine reliability and efficiency with smooth consistent power output from the EMS420.

LCD Display Screen:

Brightly lit green LCD screen that delivers clear, crisp voltage readings to a single decimal point along with all the information important to you during the tattoo process.

Additional Display Reading:

Understand more about how your tattoo machine is operating by selecting an additional display reading that most suits your needs. Options include: Cycles Per Second, Duty Cycle, Follow Through, Amps, Diagnostics, Timer or choose Cloak to hide any of the additional display readings.

Precision Voltage Adjustments:

Increase or decrease your voltage in fine precise adjustments of 0.1 volts or rapid coarse adjustments of 0.2 volts.

Four Voltage Presets:

Automatically save your last used settings. Preset up to four of your favorite voltage settings and recall them all with the click of a button!

Two Footswitch Modes:

Momentary (press and hold) or maintained mode for those times when turning your machine on and off isn’t necessary.

Two Timer Modes:

Determine the amount of tattooing you're doing by using the Runtime Mode, which activates with each footswitch command or switch to Stopwatch Mode to track your overall session.

Sleep Mode:

Resume tattooing at your last used settings after 30 minutes of inactivity with the click of a button (or your footswitch).


Vertical orientation and a narrow profile leaves a small footprint which leaves you with more space at your workstation. Physical dimensions of 6.5"(L) x 2"(W) x 5.785"(H)

Cables routed out the back:

Industry standard rear facing Mono jacks and power cord connections are routed out the back to reduce the risk of cords interfering with your work.

Gumshoe Sticky Foot:

Made from sticky (top secret) silicone to ensure that your EMS420 stays securely in place on your workstation or any hard surface. Can be repositioned without damage to surfaces - allowing you to move your EMS420 to a different workstation or location.

Custom Enclosure:

Custom enclosure made of a dark green cycoloy plastic - a proprietary Polycarbonate ABS blend with a gold metallic fleck. It’s designed to withstand harsh surface disinfectants, which can degrade plastics over time.

Laser Cut Steel Stand:

Durable, precision laser cut steel stand hand bent from brushed 10 gauge 304 stainless steel.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Easy to cover and clean with no knobs or plugs to interfere with barrier film application or bagging process.

Worldwide compatibility:

Standard socket connection with internal universal power adapter allows for worldwide compatibility. It's as easy as plugging in a region specific power cord (sold separately).

Physical Dimenstions: 6.5" x 2" x 5.785" (LxWxH)
Output Power: 0-18VDC-2A
Input Power: 100-240VAC, 1.4-0.7A, 50/60Hz
Clipcord and Footswitch connections: 1/4" Mono Jacks
Power Cable Connection: Standard three prong grounded power socket
Certifications: CE and FCC certified

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