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Electric Dormouse Smart Liner

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The metallic elements of the frame are made of stainless Electric Dormouse AVP which ensures a high mechanical strength. Each piece receives attention handcrafted finish and the mechanical adjustments. The choice of materials falls absolutely on the best available on the market, in particular the treatment of nickel-plating materials to ensure absolute resistance to oxidation and wear. The support of the frame is manufactured in aluminum alloy ANTICORODAL, preferred for the characteristics of lightness and high strength, the anodizing process provides protection from oxidation and aesthetic element which enriches the figure of the machine. The Dormouse Electric Frame System, chassis system and support combines balance and ergonomics, reduces vibration and lowers the center of gravity, making them easier to use and reducing fatigue. The coils are produced entirely by Electric Dormouse and are a vital part of the machine. They are made with the use of high quality materials, with features designed for specific use on our machines and provide the best performance and reliability in professional use. All components of the machine are designed and completed with quality materials and treatments that claim harmony aesthetics and reliability.

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