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Jason Stop It

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Jason Stop-It is a great product designed to help stem minor blood flow. It is a spray that has been designed to help congeal the blood of a wound and is especially useful in piercings if there is a small amount of blood loss. This spray will stop it immediately and create a protective layer to prevent any further bleeding and help protect against infection. It is an alginate haemostat spray which is designed to stop bleeding from superficial wounds and help the blood to clot. It can be sprayed directly onto a wound or onto the dressing. It is an alcohol based spray that has been designed to rapidly absorb blood in minor injuries or cuts and then forms a protective barrier. To use; shake the can well, spray liberally on a dressing or swab and apply to the wound. Alternatively you can spray directly onto the piercing, depending on its location. Once the wound has stop bleeding you can remove the excess powder and apply a clean dressing or plaster to the wound. Jason Stop-It is available in 70ml bottles.

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