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Moment Footswitch

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The non-latching foot switch by Moment is a hands free piece of equipment perfect for all of your tattooing needs. The non-latching model means that the foot switch is operated by using the foot only. If the foot is pressed on the switch it will operate but as soon as the foot is removed it will stop. This makes it easy to control as you work. A large rubber textured pad is located on the top of the device designed to give you a firm grip. This will prevent the foot from slipping off unexpectedly. The foot switch has been made to the highest of standard making sure that it is safe and reliable to use. It is strong and resilient protecting it from damages and enabling it to withstand wear and tear. Made with the artist in mind so that it meets your needs and expectations and gives you the best possible experience when working. The Moment foot switch is an incredible device that is suitable for any skilled artist. A must have and a great addition to have in the tattoo studio. Comes equipped with a 1.9m jack plug.


The latching foot switch by Moment is a great piece of equipment for any professional tattoo artist. It is made to the highest of standards ensuring that it performs and delivers as it should meeting your needs and expectations. A rubber pad is located to the top of it giving you a firm grip so that your foot doesn’t slip off unexpectedly. Spare pads are available for when the original becomes worn. To power the foot switch it must be turned on and off manually using a button located on the device. Comes equipped with a 1.9m jack plug.

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