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ReelSkin Torso

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Reelskin is a new realistic tattoo practice skin which has many elements similar to real skin such as the ability to stretch while tattooing, the feel of skin and the abilities to hold a stencil transfer. 

The skin has a realistic feel and is absolutely great for people who are looking to become tattooists or professionals who are looking at a unique way to showcase their best work. It has been said that it is one of the closest things to skin and is becoming very popular within the industry leading to the manufacturer looking to expand into arms, hands, legs, feet and skulls in the near future. 

The torso itself provides you with plenty of area to practice designs on from the ribs, neck, chest, stomach and top shoulder. With the product selling out at the Great British Tattoo Show you'll want to pick one up quickly to aviod missing out. 

Dimensions of the torso are: 57cm in height and 45cm in width from shoulder to shoulder 

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