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Skin Lock - 1 Box

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It is extremely important to take the appropriate steps to care for a tattoo as soon as it is completed. The proper "acute" or immediate care procedures help to protect the tattoo from infection and maintain the integrity of the art.

Traditional bandaging procedures often inclue the use of petroleum jelly and/or plastic wrap. These typos of solutions can create an occlusive seal, which means that the tattooed skin does not breathe. This is a dangerous situation as it keeps all of the body fluids pooling on the skin surface, which can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. According to APT, "plastic wrap retards the healing process and creates a sort of warm, moist, airless environment that encourages bacterial growth".

Bulky, inflexible, non-transparent bandages held in place with adhesive can be difficult to keep on certain body parts (e.g. elbows, hands, backs). This increases the risk of dirt and bacteria entering the wound area and multiplies the chances of infection.

Currently, most immediate-care procedures and products result in blood and ink loss (or infection!) which will dramatically compromise the integrity of your art. This also means that your customer will be looking for costly your expense.

SkinLock is a new, innovative solution for immediate care of a fresh tattoo. It was developed through the collaboration of a medical physician and a tattoo artist to create a truly revolutionary product that achieves harmony between creativity and medicine.

A unique hydrogel formulation meets medical standards as it helps to reduce drainage from the tattoo and promote healing. With one application of SkinLock Sealant Spray, the hydrogel solidifies to form a thin, transparent, protective coating that eliminates the need for secondary dressings. This helps to keep dirt and bacteria out and keep the area clean to prevent infection.

SkinLock maintains a moist environment, while still allowing the skin and tattoo to breathe to enable healing. A wound that is not allowed to breathe is at risk to become a breeding ground for infection. And freshly tattooed skin that becomes too dry can result in the development of a crust which could damages the skin, the tattoo, and cause ink loss.

Since SkinLock forms a flexible coating on the skin, it is especially easy to apply on any part of the body.

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