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Sunskin Evolution Hand Polished Liner

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These tattoo machines from Sunskin are a premium piece of equipment for your tattoo studio. They are well known within the tattooing community for their professional grade items and beautifully illustrated coils. These are handmade in their workshop using copper reeling wire and bakelite spools for a traditional feel.

These coil machines can be finely tuned for your own personal set up that ideal for your technique and styles. These machine frames are hand polished and made from one solid piece of brass for robust machine. There are a variety of finish options for your machine and this particular machine has the hand polished brass finish, showcasing the natural colour of the material.

Get stunning results by using one of these high quality machines for your tattoo work. They also feature an 825 silver screw within the design alongside a whole host of other features. These include copper binding posts and calibrated springs made from high quality carbon steel within the machine’s set up. There is also a new back spring lock plate featured in this Evolution model of Sunskin machine. Treat yourself to one of these custom set ups and feel the difference of a quality machine.

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