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Tattoo Practice Ink - Eternal Myke Chambers Set

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This set of 12 x 1oz Eternal Inks featured can no longer be used for tattooing. Genuine Eternal Inks that have now expired and are fit for practice only.

All items are an affordable option for an apprentice wishing to practice on synthetic practice skins (available separately)

Myke Chambers has evolved a unique brand of Traditional Americana tattoo art. It is instantly recognizable with strong symbolic images inked in his unmistakable style. Presented here are 12 of his favorite tattoo hues mixed perfectly to Eternal Ink's high standards. This set simplifies the ink selection process with unique hues that will create the color and contrast of Myke's traditional tattoo style.

  • Eternal Ink
  • Myke Chambers
  • 12 Colour Set 1oz (30ml)
  • 1oz Bottle
  • £79.99

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