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Tattoo Practice Ink - Panthera Ink 5oz

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The ink featured can no longer be used for tattooing. Genuine Panthera Ink that has now expired and is fit for practice only.  Size 5oz. 

An affordable option for an apprentice wishing to practice on synthetic practice skins (available separately)

Ralf Nonweiller's Step one "Blending" contains less pigment than Panthera Light Sumy, which can be used to blend in areas of your tattoo. It can be used on areas such as the forehead or light parts on the nose etc. It could help you create bumps and wrinkles in very light areas, without being too dark that it would look dirty. Its even good for achieving a look of skin pores, as with this dilution it will leave no black dots as pores.

Polar White is a bright white which has a deep velvet finish and has extra durability from sun fade.


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