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Panenka / Unigraph Thermal Copier A4 Next Gen 953H1A

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The Panenka / Unigraph Thermal copier A4 Next Gen 953H1a is an upgraded replacement to the previous model (now discontinued). New features include:

  • 2 LEDs - Green & Red indicating the status of the device.
  • Two Relays instead of one.
  • Additional temperature sensor added - regulating both lamp and colling down process.

This combined thermal copier, 230 Volts AC: 3 pin plug creates exact copies and replicas of your designs with this simple to use unit. You can apply the design directly on to the client's skin, ensuring that they can easily visualise their finished tattoo and are sure they are happy with the placement. If it needs to be repositioned, the stencil can be easily wiped from the skin and reapplied with a fresh copy. This is a very quick and efficient process when using a thermal copier. However if you don't have one, it can be very frustrating and time consuming to continually redraw the design out freehand.


Power cord included

CE-certification automatic overheat protection rotation-control



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