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True Tubes True Grips

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True Tubes have broken new ground when it comes to comfort for the tattoo artist. They have designed the revolutionary True Grip which is the world’s first grip made from memory foam that is also 100% eco-friendly. It has been developed with tattoo artists in mind and the perfect disposable grip. True Grip have a softer, larger diameter grip which allows for better comfort while tattooing and also reduced the levels of vibration experience by the tattooist, not only meaning improved accuracy but also reducing the likelihood of related health problems in later life such as carpal tunnel. They also eliminate the need for wrapping paper towels or gauze around your steel tube to try and improve the levels of comfort. Callouses and hand and finger fatigue will also be a thing of the past. True Grips can give you the great results you have been looking for while improving your levels of comfort as an artist. True Grips work well with Original True Tubes however, you will find they also work well with almost any other tubes. If you haven’t tried them already we recommend you give them a go and see how much of a difference it can make to you.


True Grip 2 from True Tubes is a brand new revolutionary disposable grip made from memory foam which comes with a number of benefits for both the client and tattoo artist. The memory foam, ridged design allows for a better more comfortable grip and also minimises the damaging vibration which can cause health problems such as carpal tunnel to the artist. They are also totally eco-friendly and disposable. This is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic experience a tattoo artist can possibly have. Try these grips to day and you will no longer have the need to wrap your steel grips in paper towels or tape to prevent vibrations or callouses on your hands.


HexaGrips are the world's first angular, dimensional Eco-Friendly, All Disposable, Memory Foam Grip Cover developed by True Tube Tattoo Artists for today's busy tattoo artist. HexaGrips fit the natural angles of an artist's thumb and fingers while tattooing! HexaGrips are the perfect Disposable Grip Cover for today's tattoo artist because they not only provide the artist with a hexagon shaped, angular, softer, larger diameter grip while tattooing, they also help prevent degenerative issues caused by everyday tattooing. HexaGrips also have a "True Coating" that helps retain the artist's grip with ink, ointments and soaps. HexaGrips have comfortable, soft angles provide maximum comfort while gripping. HexaGrips comfortably widen the artists grip on the tube and minimize damaging vibrations caused by machines and tubes in the tattoo artist's hand, therefore extending an artist's career by helping prevent carpal tunnel, numbness in the thumb and fingers, unwanted finger calluses and many other issues with hands & fingers caused by every day tattooing with tubes. HexaGrips are an easy solution to get the most comfortable results you are looking for with an incredibly comfortable grip, all while having the luxury of being disposable.

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