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Does your Tattoo have to mean something? | Tattoo Equipment


I often see people with tattoos and find myself wondering what the mean and when I ask sometimes there is sometimes some kind of story behind that tattoo sometimes the answer is simply "I thought it looked cool". Some people I know say that there has to a meaning, not necessarily a given meaning but it has to mean something to the person, otherwise, why are they getting it? Is it really important that a tattoo means something to the person getting it, here at MTS we sell tattoo equipment but we also ask the big questions so let's take this apart a little bit, but firstly as a caveat, I should say that is important that my tattoos mean something to me but I know people who get tattoos for aesthetic reasons.

Why do we get tattoos?

I think we need to ask this question first, why do people get tattooed? In an older post I looked at people who get names tattooed on them, in this case, I think it is fair to say that they mean something, but we spoke about people getting tattoos as tributes to people for various reasons. I also suggested in that post that instead of getting a name you could get an image to represent someone. I think that some people get tattoos to represent something that isn't necessarily a person, for example, I myself have the Greek goddess Aphrodite on my left shoulder to represent my passion. I also have Eris on the right and the Furies on my arm, you can google those if you'd like to get an idea of who I am, which is an interesting point because if you look at all of my tattoos you'd start to get an idea of who I what I was like as a person, in a way they all represent myself though that sounds a little narcissistic... Perhaps I should make Narcissus my next one! 

What about people who get tattoos that don't necessarily hold any meaning for them then, that just like the way they look? Well, I think that even if they didn't mean it they have gotten a tattoo with meaning. Getting a tattoo because you like the look of it shows that you are a creative person who appreciates art, and that means something! Tattoos always make a statement no matter how big or small, I know people who wouldn't get one because they feel it might draw attention to them and they don't want that, so you are telling people a lot about yourself if you wear any image on your skin. 

If you believe your tattoo is just an awesome image you saw, and are shaking your head saying "Nope none of that applies to me" then ask yourself this, why were you so drawn to that image that you wanted it on your skin for life? Maybe it might tell you something about yourself subconsciously. Still no? Well, I have two tattoos that I couldn't point to the exact meaning of one of them is a small dragonfly on each of my big toes. The dragon flies were my first tattoo, and I wanted them on my toes so I could hide them in my socks from my mum (sorry mum!) the only reason I picked it was because they were tiny, I don't even really like dragon flys. See how I was able to witter on about a tattoo that held no meaning? Well it holds a story and I think that means something, so if you have a tattoo that you think means nothing perhaps it holds a story instead! I think that method might apply to people who get jokey tattoos too.

In the end, I think all tattoos hold some meaning or a story behind them even if the person with them doesn't think that they do. What about you? Do you still think your tattoo means nothing and is just a pretty picture, or do you have a meaning for your tattoo you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments. Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo equipment the check out our store!

Love Katy...


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  • Katy Jackson