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The Charm of 'Get What You Get' Tattoo Roulette


If deciding on a tattoo design is sending your head into a spin, maybe you should take a step back and just let fate decide! Whether you are looking to play the tattoo roulette game or introduce this feature into your studio, read on to learn all about the charm of a 'Get What You Get' tattoo.

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How do Get What You Get Tattoos Work?

A Get What You Get tattoo takes away all the pressure of having to choose your own design and instead, leaves it entirely up to chance. Studios offering this service will usually use an old gumball machine, which they fill with hundreds of different tattoo designs. All you then have to do is pay the set price for a token, turn the dial and whatever design is hidden inside the capsule is the one you get inked. However, if you really don't like the random tattoo design that you get allocated, you are usually allowed to pay for an additional token.


Tattoo flash board

Tattoo Flash Board by Sponsored Artist, David O'Neill (@davidoneilltattooer) and Keegan Bergen


While a gumball machine is one of the more popular methods for deciding on your random tattoo, it is not the only one. For example, some studios use a wheel of fortune type device that has multiple sections corresponding to different images on an artist's flash board. However, no matter how your Get What You Get tattoo is decided, the key is to trust the process to avoid disappointment. 

What are Get What You Get Tattoo Designs?

The random tattoo designs themselves work in a very similar way to the usual flash many people are accustomed to. For example, they usually can only be placed on the arms or legs, with black and grey or coloured versions available for certain designs. Plus, given their small to medium size these tattoos can be completed in one session.


Strawberry heart tattoo

Strawberry Heart Tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Thomas Hearn (@thomashearntattoos)


Given that these designs could be given to anybody at random, they are usually kept quite light-hearted in nature or follow a traditional flash tattoo style. Studios may also regularly swap out their designs based around special events throughout the year, for example, Halloween or Friday the 13th. 

Who Would Decide to Get a Random Tattoo?

There are probably many people out there who would say that you would be completely crazy to play tattoo roulette. After all, just like any other tattoo, this artwork will be with you forever—so why leave it up to chance?

However, there are many instances in which choosing a Get What You Get tattoo just makes sense. To some extent, they help to counter the belief that all designs should have a profound personal meaning; they are great for people who simply want to get a tattoo without having to overthink the process.

Plus, they are the perfect solution for people who may have already collected a number of tattoos and are looking for quick, easy and fun designs to fill some of the gaps. Or, for anyone who craves an exciting and somewhat spontaneous tattoo experience—after all, what makes a better story than leaving the studio with fresh ink chosen by the tattoo gods?

Remember to follow the tattoo aftercare advice of your artist to keep your new tattoo looking its best as it heals. If you're short on time, why not pick up the Tattoo Goo 3 in 1 Kit today? You can read all about the benefits of Tattoo Goo in our blog post: 6 Things You Need to Know About Tattoo Goo here.

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  • Sarah Crookes