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The Top Tattoo Accessories Missing From Your Studio


When you are a professional tattoo artist, you use a lot of different equipment on a daily basis. Most of these products are essential to tattooing or maintaining proper hygiene standards: from your actual tattoo machine to disposable covers and gloves. However, by only focusing on the absolute essentials, you might be missing out on some excellent tattoo accessories! In this blog, we'll run through some of the top tattoo products that might be missing from your studio.

What are Tattoo Accessories?

Tattoo accessories can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but they all serve a purpose: offering practical solutions to issues you might face throughout a tattoo session. It might not sound too significant but when you are working hours on end it can be annoying if little inconveniences cause you to keep losing focus. While not considered essential pieces of kit, these types of products can quickly weave their way into your basic setup due to their problem-solving abilities.

Cord Organisers

If you haven't moved over to a totally wireless tattoo setup yet, then you're probably still surrounded by different cords and wires. If leaving these lying around throughout the day, you might be risking an unwanted tangle. However, with the help of a handy cord organiser all your issues should disappear. Simply attach to a smooth surface and run your RCA or clip cord through one of the openings. The holder will keep your cords secure to help you maintain a tidy and organised workspace.

Tattoo accessories: clip cord and rca holders


Tattoo Pen Trays

If your current tattoo machine of choice is a pen-style machine, then it might be worth adding this next tattoo accessory to your equipment list. A tattoo pen tray will securely house most rotary tattoo pens available on today's market. Designed to stop your pen from rolling off your workstation, it not only protects your valuable machine but also helps store it in a hygienic way when not in use.

Tattoo pen tray

Cartridge Trays

Tattoo cartridge trays are another great tattoo tool that will also keep you organised and your workspace hygienic. Each disposable tray keeps your cartridges securely in one place while you are not using them. As a result, they help prevent cross-contamination and stop excess pigment from dripping onto your clean work surface. Some cartridge trays even feature reservoirs at the front that can be filled to help stop your needles from drying out midway through your session.

Elephant tattoo cartridge trays

Ink Cup Holders

Like the other tattoo accessories on our list, the main aim of an ink cup holder is to keep your equipment secure and in one place. For example, the stand pictured below can house up to twelve different ink cups and there is also space to situate your rinse cup. Made from hard-wearing plastic, each holder is reusable and easy to clean. The magnetic base also offers you an extra level of security when placed on your work surface.

Magic ink and rinse cup holder

These are just some of the products that might be missing from your studio. Head over to the studio supplies collection to see the full range of tattoo tools we have in stock!

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  • Sarah Crookes