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Tattoo Stencils


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A key step in the tattoo artist's process is transferring their carefully drawn template onto their client's skin. Essential in checking position, size and placement as well as showing how the art will look on the body of the customer, tattoo stencils play an integral role in the overall tattoo experience. We sell everything needed to ensure this is a stress-free part of the process, no poorly transferred paper images or time consuming tracing required.

Carbon paper is the number one method of creating a tattoo template. A design created on paper is transferred to the skin easily, giving clear blue or purple lines which the tattoo artist can then draw over with the tattoo machine. Moreover, the carbon replicated image does not easily rub away from the skin. Though it can easily be washed off later, once the tattoo is finished, during the actual tattooing process the regular wiping of the skin will not distort the image and make it difficult to see. Fading stencil outlines make the tattooist's job much more difficult. There are many variables in the tattoo process, from customer's pain tolerance through to timing and session atmosphere. Using quality stencils at least makes that aspect of the procedure reliable every time.

Our tattoo stencil kits not only contain professional quality carbon paper and tracing materials, but also a skin safe marker. Perfect for freehand elements, the super-fine nibs and tips give crisp lines. In some tattoos, the only way to guarantee good placement is to draw them around the body by hand. Water soluble inks are essential, as is using a pen specifically designed for the task.