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Cheyenne Hawk Pen Unio

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£886.79 inc. VAT
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The Cheyenne HAWK Pen Unio combines the best features of Cheyenne HAWK tattoo devices in one pen-style machine. The excellent smooth shading qualities from the HAWK Spirit and the outstanding punch from the HAWK Thunder, helping to create firm lines and fill rich areas.

All this has been combined with the proven shape of the Cheyenne HAWK PEN to create a unique machine that leaves nothing to be desired.

The HAWK Unio has a continuously adjustable stroke from 2.5 to 4.0 mm, which can be easily altered by twisting during operation. This way, the perfect stroke can always be selected for every job to get the best performance from the machine.

The Unio works in the frequency range of 60 - 140 Hz, therefore suitable for virtually all tattoo styles. The Steady Mode allows steady power at a constant stitch frequency in all situations. The needle protrusion can be adjusted from 0 to 4.0 mm, a characteristic feature of Cheyenne machines.

The sleek design makes the tattoo machine easy to clean and hygienic to wrap. The movable jack connector is well protected by an innovative jack cage and allows maximum freedom of movement.

The Cheyenne HAWK Pen Unio is compatible with all Cheyenne disposable grips.

Product features:

Steady mode for constant power and stitch frequency
Removable grip for easy cleaning
Easy to pack and clean hygienically
Compatible with all Cheyenne Disposable Grips
Compatible with Cheyenne cartridges
Movable jack for maximum freedom of movement
Innovative jack cage provides optimum protection and a secure plug-in connection
Anti-roll feature prevents unintentional rolling away
Robust Cheyenne carrying case included
Made in Germany according to medical standards (ISO 13485)
Colour: Black
Technical data:

Stitch frequency: 60 - 140 Hz
Steplessly adjustable needle depth: 0 - 4.0 mm