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Magic Moon Foot switch Skull 2

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£65.99 inc. VAT
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This is of course a rather attractive option for a footswitch, given that it features the decorative addition of a skull design. This is a high quality option of footswitch that provides you with a solid, stainless steel product that it certain to hold up against long periods of heavy use effectively and reliably while providing consistent and reliable results. The product uses no plastic, just good steel, so you can be completely confident that you?re getting a real and durable product when you purchase this particular option. This particular product offers 3.51 x 1.97 inch dimensions and a cinch connection, which makes it a good option for a wide variety of power supplies. The design of this particular product aids in the popularity, so it is no surprise that it is quite such a desirable item, given that it features not only the appealing decorative skull design that is certain to compliment a variety of your other studio furniture, but this is also a more rustic, classic design of footswitch, rather than the black plastic modern look that many of the alternatives go for. Because of this retro appearance this is a particularly popular option for studios with a more decorative theme to their furniture, helping to make your shop more attractive to your customers.