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RAPIDEX is an essential aid for infection control by cleaning tattoo instruments ready for sterilisation. The detergent with much more, RAPIDEX:

  • cleans
  • works fast with no need to scrub
  • is ideal for ultrasonic cleaners
  • has a wide variety of applications for use with various tattoo equipment
  • is easy to use, just soak and rinse
  • Rapidex addresses the importance of infection control:
  • need to clean tattoo instruments thoroughly prior to sterilisation
  • tunnel/auto washers don't always remove all of dirt / debris
  • need to soak tattoo instruments / equipment beforehand
  • Rapidex with its solubilising action solves many of these issues, Rapidex excels:
  • removes neurological matter
  • removes dried on blood from tattoo instruments
  • removes dyes, inks and other staining materials
  • removes cement from tattoo equipment
  • brings tattoo instruments back to life
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