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Hurricane Digital Power Supply (HP-2)

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The DELUXE Digital Hurricane Tattoo Machine Power Supply gives consistent power with an adjustable voltage of up to 18 volts. It features a user-friendly LCD digital display that clearly shows voltage, speed, amps, duty and pre-sets with clear white lettering on a blue back-lit screen. Scrolling through the on-screen options is easy to do, using a simple, five-button keypad that has up, down, L, S and centre stop-watch buttons. The display allows up to eight pre-sets, which can be shared between Liner and Shading modes, and voltage can be exactly adjusted in increments of one decimal place.

Another useful aspect of this top-of-the-range power supply is the foot switch control feature for working in sustained mode. This allows you to tap the foot switch and work in 'cruise control' without needing to hold it down, for easier working on large, uncomplicated areas. This lightweight and portable power supply has a combined unit and power pack weight of only 15 oz, and will give the power you need for hours of work.