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At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we sell the best selection of tattoo supplies available in the UK. From top quality colourfast inks to machine parts, studio supplies and accessories; everything that the tattoo artist needs can be bought through our website and delivered in no time at all. We believe that the tools an artist uses can make a big difference in the work he or she is able to complete, that's why we only sell things that we believe are high standard, useful items for tattooing at all levels.

The inks we sell are some of the best on the market today. In a wide range of colours, including vivid brights as well as muted tones, as well as the true black and shades of grey, guaranteed to keep their colour in the skin and to be safe for skin use. We sell machines from a range of top companies, both motorised and rotary devices, as well as their power sources and accessories. Power supply units for the tattoo machines are available in a range of colours, to suit the atmosphere of each studio, as well as with foot pedal attachments and clip cords. As for the needles themselves, we sell our own precision needles in all the necessary shapes; liners, shaders and mags, as well as both stainless steel and disposable tips and grips in silicone and steel.

As for the studio, we of course also have everything that is required for both art and hygiene standards. The artist can use our hectograph papers for carbon transfers, skin practice sheets for trainees and apprentices, or replace their pens with our sets of skin safe markers for freehand work. Plus, all the disposable products, from ink cups and wells to wire sleeves and latex gloves are listed on our website for the discerning artist to purchase. Alcohol swabs and other cleaning products are on offer to ensure the studio remains contaminant free and a safe working environment for the artist and their clients alike. For aftercare, we have a range of numbing products and cleaning solutions, as well as tattoo care creams and balms to help preserve the colours and lines during that crucial healing period.

We believe that an artist of any standard needs the right tools to be at their best. With tattooing, every piece of work needs to be at the highest possible level, because the customer will have it for a lifetime. Choosing kit from Magnum Tattoo Supplies helps to remove one variable factor from the equation, our tattooing equipment can be relied on to let the art speak for itself.

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