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List of best tattoo pen machines: How to choose the perfect one


Whether you're a seasoned tattoo artist or just starting out, it's essential to find a tattoo pen that fits your specific tattooing style and comfort needs. From ergonomic designs to different motor types, the choices seem endless.

So to help you, we created this guide, highlighting the key features you should consider to ensure you pick a tattoo pen that enhances your work and matches your professional demands.

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What is a tattoo pen machine?

A tattoo pen machine is a attoo device designed like a pen, offering greater control, precision, and comfort to the tattoo artist. This ergonomically friendly design allows artists to work as if they are holding a regular pen to create detailed and intricate designs easier.

Tattoo pen machines are typically equipped with advanced features such as adjustable needle depth, customisable grips, and various motor configurations, catering to a wide range of tattooing styles from fine line work to shading. This pen-style setup is particularly favoured for its ability to provide a natural and intuitive tattooing experience.

Our best pick tattoo pen machine

AVA Duke K2 Tattoo Pen


AVA Duke K2 Tattoo Pen


If you're starting out or looking for a reliable all-rounder, this machine's user-friendly features and robust construction make it a perfect choice. It gives you the flexibility and precision needed to enhance your tattooing skills.

Key features:

  • Material: Crafted from aircraft aluminum, ensuring durability and a light feel.
  • Motor: Equipped with a 3.5w carbon brush motor, it offers smooth and consistent performance.
  • Stroke Length: A 3.5mm stroke is ideal for various tattooing styles.
  • Voltage: Operates efficiently at a working voltage of 5-9V.
  • Colours: Available in eye-catching Red, Gold, and Purple.
  • Connection: Requires an RCA cord, giving you reliable and steady power delivery.

Dragonhawk Armor Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine 3.5mm Stroke


Dragonhawk Armor Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine 3.5mm Stroke


This machine is a game-changer for professional artists who value mobility and uninterrupted workflow. Its wireless design and long battery life allow you to work freely without the constraints of wires.

Key features:

  • Battery Life: Comes with dual 1800mAh batteries, each offering 4-6 hours of continuous operation.
  • Display: An advanced LED screen displays battery power, voltage, and more.
  • Motor: A vertical coreless motor increases power and reduces noise.
  • Stroke Length: Has a 3.5mm stroke for precise line work and shading.
  • Voltage: Adjustable from 5-12V, catering to various tattooing needs

FK Irons - Spektra Xion Pen


FK Irons - Spektra Xion Pen - magnumtattoosupplies


Designed with input from top tattoo artists, this machine provides exceptional control and versatility, making it ideal for artists who engage in diverse tattooing styles and demand precision in their work.

Key features:

  • Design: Offers an ergonomic, lightweight design for better manoeuvrability and reduced hand fatigue.
  • Interchangeable Stroke: Features interchangeable strokes to suit different tattooing styles.
  • Adjustability: Includes a secure ratcheting system to lock in needle depth settings and a one-turn give dial for needle tension adjustment.
  • Motor: Powered by a specially designed 6W MotorBolt, providing strong and reliable performance.

Axys Valhalla Pen - Black



Axys Valhalla Pen - Black


This pen is perfect if you need a highly versatile and easy-to-maintain machine capable of adapting quickly to different styles and techniques.

Key features:

  • Stroke Adjustment: Offers five adjustable stroke options from 2.5mm to 4.2mm, easily changed with a single-turn ring.
  • Grip: Features an ergonomic 1" grip with a tapered centre to minimise vibrations.
  • Motor: Equipped with a powerful 10W Maxon Motor.
  • Sealing: High-performance seals prevent ink and fluid leakage, ensuring a clean workspace.

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Machine


Dragonhawk Mast Pen Machine


This machine is a powerhouse of innovation, designed to accommodate a wide range of cartridge needles, making it a good choice for tattoo artists who enjoy experimenting with different techniques.

Key features:

  • Frame: Made from Aluminium, providing strength without the weight.
  • Motor: Features a high-quality Japanese motor for peak performance.
  • Stroke Length: Offers a 3.5mm stroke, ideal for detailed work.
  • Voltage: Works within a voltage range of 6-9V, allowing for flexibility in tattooing speed and depth.

Benefits of using a tattoo pen machine

Using a tattoo pen machine offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among tattoo artists:

  1. Enhanced precision and control: The pen-like design allows you to achieve finer detail and precision in your work, much like drawing with a regular pen.
  2. Ergonomic design: Tattoo pen machines are designed to fit comfortably in your hand to reduce fatigue during long tattoo sessions. This ergonomic feature helps you maintain steadiness and precision for extended periods.
  3. Versatility: Many tattoo pen machines come with adjustable features like needle depth and interchangeable strokes, making them suitable for a different of tattooing styles, from intricate line work to shading and filling.
  4. Reduced vibration: Pen machines often produce less vibration than traditional tattoo machines. This not only makes the tattooing process more comfortable for you and your client but also aids in the precision of your work.
  5. Quieter operation: Tattoo pen machines tend to operate more quietly, which can create a more relaxed environment for your client and reduce the intimidation factor associated with the noise of traditional tattoo machines.
  6. Compatibility with various needles: Most pen machines are compatible with a wide array of needle types, allowing you to switch effortlessly between different needles depending on the specific requirements of the tattoo.
  7. Lightweight and portable: The lightweight nature of tattoo pen machines makes them easy to handle and transport, ideal if you travel or work in multiple locations.

Features to consider when buying a tattoo pen

When you're considering buying a tattoo pen, there are several key features to keep in mind to ensure you select the best tool for your tattooing needs:

Ergonomics and comfort:

Look for a pen that fits comfortably in your hand. This is crucial for long sessions where grip comfort can significantly impact your performance and prevent hand fatigue.

Motor type and power:

Evaluate the type of motor used (e.g., coreless, brushless or rotary tattoo machine) and its power output. A good motor should balance power and smooth operation, providing consistent performance without overheating.

Stroke length:

This determines how far the needle moves in and out of the pen. Different stroke lengths are better suited for different types of work, such as lining or shading. Some tattoo pens come with adjustable stroke lengths, which can be highly versatile.

Needle compatibility:

Ensure the pen is compatible with the needle types you prefer using. Most modern tattoo pens are versatile, but checking compatibility is essential for your specific requirements.

Noise and Vibration:

A quieter operation with less vibration is preferable for client comfort and work precision. Higher-quality pens tend to have better mechanisms to reduce noise and vibration.

Weight and balance:

The weight of the pen can affect your control and comfort. A well-balanced machine feels like an extension of your hand, making it easier to achieve detailed artwork.

Durability and build quality:

Check the materials and build quality of the tattoo pen. High-quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminium are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Power supply:

Consider whether the pen is corded or wireless. Wireless tattoo pens offer greater mobility and ease of use without the hassle of cords, but ensure the battery life is sufficient for your typical session length.

Adjustability and customisation:

Some pens allow you to adjust settings such as needle depth or give, which can help you tailor the tool to your specific style and technique preferences.

Price and warranty:

Finally, compare the price and check if the pen has a warranty. Investing in a higher-quality tattoo machine might cost more upfront, but its longevity and better performance can save you money in the long run.

Final thoughts

Selecting the best tattoo pen is more than just an investment in your equipment; it's an investment in your art. Considering these factors and choices, you can find a tattoo pen that meets your artistic needs and enhances your overall tattooing experience.

Remember, the right tattoo pen will offer you the precision, comfort, and reliability you need to bring your artistic visions to life effortlessly. Take the time to weigh your options carefully, and choose a pen that will be a true partner in your creative journey.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz