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The best tattoo designs we spotted on Instagram this week


As we dive into another week of incredible artistry and creativity, our latest roundup of the best tattoo designs on Instagram does not disappoint. From pop culture tributes to mesmerising natural scenes, this week's selection showcases the diverse talents and imaginative visions of artists around the globe.

Whether you're a tattoo enthusiast, an artist looking for inspiration, or someone contemplating their first piece of ink, these designs are bound to captivate and inspire. Let's explore the standout tattoos that have caught our eye this week.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Beep Me tattoo (@flanderztattoo)

This week on our Instagram-inspired tattoo journey, we're kicking things off with a piece that's sure to resonate with all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there. Picture this: a neo-traditional tattoo that beautifully captures one of the show's most iconic lines, "If the apocalypse comes, beep me." This piece is a vibrant celebration of Buffy's fearless spirit, brought to life with striking pink and green ink colours that add a pop of colour to the bold design. It's a perfect blend of nostalgia and artistry, paying homage to a beloved character while showcasing the tattoo artist's skill with its detailed execution.

Whether you're a die-hard Buffy fan or just appreciate the mix of humour and heroism she represents, this tattoo is a standout piece that tells a story and adds a splash of personality to any collection.


flanderztattoo - kimikarrtattoo


Dog in a Poke Ball tattoo (@kimikarrtattoo)

This next tattoo takes a playful turn into the world of pop culture with a twist that's both heartwarming and whimsically creative. Imagine a tattoo that starts with the iconic image of a Pokémon ball, a symbol recognisable to fans around the globe. But here's the twist: as the Pokémon ball explodes in a burst of energy, it's not Pikachu or Charizard that emerges, but a very happy dog, tail wagging and eyes sparkling with joy.

This unique design merges the worlds of Pokémon and pet love in a delightful visual narrative, making it a perfect piece for those who hold a special place in their hearts for their furry friends and have a soft spot for the nostalgia of Pokémon. It's a pop culture tattoo that's as joyful and uplifting as the happy pup it depicts, sure to give a smile to anyone who sees it.

Bluetit in apple blossoms tattoo (@paintingisntdead)

Our third tattoo inspiration takes a dip into the natural world with a stunning portrayal of a bluetit nestled among apple blossoms. This tattoo stands out for its watercolour technique, which lends the design an ethereal, delicate quality, as if the scene has been lifted straight from a dreamy spring landscape. The placement of this piece—on the chest or the front of the shoulder—means it's not just a tattoo; it's a statement, a piece of wearable art that draws the eye and captivates the heart. The soft blend of colours captures the gentle beauty of the apple blossoms, while the bluetit, with its vivid blue and yellow hues, adds a splash of life and vibrancy.

This tattoo is a celebration of nature's fleeting beauty, perfect for anyone looking to carry a piece of the natural world with them. It's a serene, beautiful choice that showcases the artist's skill in creating a piece that's both detailed and wonderfully abstract.


paintingisntdead - sammysurjaytattoo


Sun in waves tattoo (@sammysurjaytattoo)

For our fourth featured tattoo, we dive into a piece that's both intriguing and visually stunning. This neo-traditional tattoo, deeply rooted in Essex culture, presents a captivating design of a woman's face encircled by radiant sunrays, with waves gracefully flowing within these rays. The design is striking, combining the classic beauty of the female form with the dynamic elements of sun and sea. The sunrays emanating from around her face create a halo effect, symbolising light, energy, and perhaps a touch of the divine. At the same time, the waves within the rays add a serene, flowing movement, suggesting a deep connection to nature and the fluidity of life.

This tattoo, with its rich colours and detailed linework, captures the essence of neo-traditional art—bold, symbolic, and deeply personal.

Butterfly wings tattoo (@mika_tattoos)

Wrapping up our list of favourite Instagram-inspired tattoos, we have a piece that's as delicate as it is mesmerising—a butterfly wings tattoo. What sets this tattoo design apart is its unique focus: instead of depicting the entire butterfly, the artist has chosen to highlight just the wings, creating a sense of elegance and mystery. These wings are not just any wings; they are beautifully detailed, with each line and curve shining as if touched by sunlight. Coloured in shades of purple ink, the wings boast a vibrant, almost magical appearance that captures the eye and the imagination.

Without the body, the wings seem to float freely, inviting viewers to ponder the unseen and what lies beyond the visible. It's a stunning piece that combines simplicity with depth, perfect for anyone looking to express their own journey of transformation or to simply adorn their skin with something truly beautiful.




Our best tattoo designs for this week

This week's collection of tattoos highlights the incredible range and depth of the tattooing world, from the deeply personal to the playfully imaginative. Each tattoo inspiration tells its own story, inviting viewers to look beyond the surface and appreciate the artistry and meaning behind the ink.

As always, these artists continue to push the boundaries of creativity, leaving us eagerly anticipating what next week will bring. We hope that this week's selections have sparked your imagination, whether you're contemplating your first tattoo or adding to your collection.

And so, as we look forward to what the next week will unveil, we invite you to stay tuned. There's always more art to discover, more stories to be told through ink, and more incredible designs to inspire your next tattoo journey. Follow us for your weekly dose of tattoo inspiration, and who knows? Maybe next week's picks will feature the perfect design you've been searching for.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz