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Incredible tattoo inspirations: Our weekly picks from Instagram


With the rise of social media platforms, particularly Instagram, tattoo artists and enthusiasts worldwide have found a platform to showcase their inked masterpieces. Every week, we sift through the vast ocean of tattoo artistry on Instagram to bring you our top picks that inspire, astonish, and capture the essence of the tattoo world. In this article, we present a collection of our weekly favourites that demonstrate the remarkable diversity and creativity found in the world of tattoos.

Wizard frog tattoo (@foxx.teeth_)

In our weekly picks from Instagram, we stumbled upon an enchanting Wizard Frog tattoo that's sure to leave you spellbound. This delightful piece showcases a vibrant green frog, its skin adorned with the rich, emerald hue that makes it truly pop. What sets this tattoo apart is the frog's whimsical transformation into a magical wizard. Donning a mystic robe and a pointed hat, the frog exudes an air of enchantment. Its eyes gleam with an otherworldly spark as if casting a spell on all who behold it. And to add a touch of mysticism, there's even a wisp of smoke curling from its lips, lending an aura of intrigue and wonder to this captivating ink masterpiece.


foxxteeth_ - tatotatts


Kiki's Delivery Service tattoo (@tato.tatts)

Next up in our collection of tattoo inspirations, we have a delightful tribute to 'Kiki's Delivery Service,' a film that's not only a nostalgic trip but also the source of inspiration for many beloved cat names. This tattoo takes on a unique approach with a panel-style design, creating a framed masterpiece. Within this rectangular canvas, a charming scene unfolds - a group of cats set against a warm, orange background reminiscent of a picturesque sunset. Each feline seems to carry a bit of the movie's magic within, capturing the whimsy and enchantment of 'Kiki's Delivery Service' in an artful, timeless manner.

Butterfly tattoo (@goksisdead)

Our next featured tattoo is a breathtaking display of realism that will leave you in awe. A delicate yet powerful scene of big blue butterflies fluttering around the arm takes centre stage. These majestic creatures are so lifelike that you'd almost expect them to take flight at any moment. The enchanting beauty doesn't stop there; these magnificent butterflies are amid a splendid gathering among vibrant orange flowers that serve as their backdrop. The contrast between the vivid blue of the butterflies and the fiery orange blooms creates a stunning visual feast that celebrates nature's wonder and elegance.


goksisdead - kikistattooservice


Marceline The Vampire Queen tattoo (@kikistattooservice)

Imagine this: A stunning black and grey tattoo brings Marceline The Vampire Queen to life on someone's skin. In this tattoo masterpiece, Marceline, the fun-loving and ageless vampire queen, takes centre stage. With her mischievous grin and her trusty electric bass guitar in hand, she's ready to rock your world. Marceline, unlike your typical vampire, has a unique taste – she feasts on the color red, or any similar shades, instead of blood. And speaking of her guitar,  she's a talented musician who crafted her bass guitar from her family's legendary battle-axe. This tattoo captures the essence of Marceline's playful spirit and musical prowess, making it an incredible source of inspiration for all tattoo enthusiasts out there.

Lamp tattoo (@_lucidtattoos_)

Finally, our last tattoo inspiration is an exquisite black-and-grey masterpiece that uniquely brings light to the world. This intricate lamp tattoo takes centre stage, showcasing a candle-lit beauty that evokes a sense of warmth and nostalgia. The lamp itself boasts remarkable detail, with every curve and contour meticulously crafted. What makes this piece even more captivating is the presence of delicate insects, their intricate forms surrounding the lamp, creating a mesmerising contrast against the black and grey backdrop. This tattoo is a testament to the beauty found in simplicity and the intricate details that make life's little moments truly special.




Our top tattoo inspiration this week

Each of these weekly picks represents a unique facet of the tattoo world. We hope these selections spark your own tattoo inspiration and appreciation for the boundless possibilities within the world of ink. Be sure to stay tuned for our next set of weekly favourites, where we'll continue to explore the captivating realm of tattoos on Instagram.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz