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How to master client management within your tattoo business


Running a successful tattoo business involves more than just creating stunning art; it also requires efficient client management skills.

Without the right client management strategies, your customers may not have the best experience and you could lose potential long-term relationships or damage your studio’s reputation.

This blog will provide you with all the information needed to master client management within your tattoo business, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering business growth. Read on to find out how or stock up on studio packs of aftercare for your clients here!

What is client management and why is it important in a tattoo shop?

Client management is the process of managing and maintaining relationships with current and potential customers. It encompasses all stages of the client journey, from initial contact and consultation to post-service follow-up.

Successful client management involves understanding customer needs, providing them with the right services, prioritising customer satisfaction, and offering support when needed.


Client getting tattooed and a professional tattoo artist


In a tattoo business, client management plays an essential role in creating a pleasant experience for your customers. Without it, you risk losing clients due to poor service or inadequate communication. By having effective client management strategies in place, you ensure your customers’ satisfaction and foster growth in your business.

Tips for setting up an effective client management system as a tattoo artist

Maintaining good client relationships in a tattoo business is an essential part of running a successful studio. Here are some top tips to help tattoo artists looking to strengthen client relationships.

Invest in the right tools

As well as professional tattoo equipment, having the right business tools can make a huge difference when it comes to client management. Many tattoo shops invest in efficient scheduling software or a client relationship management (CRM) system.

These client managers help tattoo artists manage appointments, track customer data, and keep organised notes for each customer.

Provide transparent pricing

It's easy to use a client manager to book consultations and provide essential pricing information at the same time. This helps to avoid any confusion about costs and makes it easier for customers to appreciate the value of your services.


Client and a professional tattoo artist in a tattoo shop


Managing client expectations

One of the most important aspects of client management is managing expectations. Establishing clear communication between tattoo artists and clients from the beginning is essential to avoid future misunderstandings.

Make sure customers understand what services they will receive, along with an estimated time frame as well as any other important information before they commit to your services.

Maintain a record of information

A client manager tool can also help tattoo artists easily store and retrieve customer information. Maintaining comprehensive records of notes from consultations such as each client's preferences, design concepts and any other relevant information can help tattoo artists to serve clients better and ensure they have a positive experience.


Using a client management system within the tattoo industry


These records not only help you remember specific details but also demonstrates a high level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Schedule a post-tattoo follow-up

It's important to understand that client management responsibilities don't stop once a client leaves the tattoo studio. Following up with your customers during the healing process is a great way to ensure overall satisfaction and create long-term relationships in the tattoo industry.

Be sure to provide clear aftercare advice and stock professional tattoo care products in your studio. MTS Tattoo Balm is a great option for tattoo artists looking to purchase multiple tins in studio packs. 

Provide customer perks

Offering customer perks such as discounts for referrals or loyalty programmes can be great marketing strategies to reward clients and encourage them to come back.

Many tattoo artists also run special flash sheet days in their tattoo shop, which can also be a popular promotional event.

Final thoughts on tattoo artists and their clients

Mastering the art of client management is essential to running a successful tattoo business. If you're a tattoo shop owner or a tattoo artist looking to increase your number of satisfied customers, these tips should help you create an effective client management system.

Many established tattoo studios have often found their success through word-of-mouth recommendations as a way to attract customers. To achieve this in your tattoo shop, use our tips to ensure every client has a professional, positive experience.


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  • Sarah Crookes