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The essential guide to permanent makeup courses and certifications


Entering the world of permanent makeup (PMU) can be overwhelming. With diverse treatments like enhancing eyebrows, lips, and eyelids, the beauty industry offers a promising career.

However, finding the right training and achieving the necessary certifications can be a real challenge. The multitude of available courses, the requirements for certifications, and the lack of clear guidance can confuse and delay your progress.

This is where our guide comes in. We aim to ease your journey into the permanent makeup industry by providing an essential guide to the necessary courses and certifications. This will help you make informed decisions, choose the right training programmes, understand the required certifications, and effectively kickstart your career in the field of permanent makeup. Read on to learn more.


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What is a permanent makeup certification?

A permanent makeup certification is an official recognition or credential that signifies the completion of a training programme in the field of permanent makeup. It demonstrates that an individual has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform permanent makeup procedures safely and effectively.

Typically, a permanent makeup certification is obtained by completing an in-person training course or workshop conducted by qualified instructors or institutions. The content of the certification programme may vary but usually includes topics such as hygiene and sterilisation, colour theory, skin anatomy, application techniques, and client consultation.

Upon successful completion of the certification programme, participants are awarded a certificate or diploma that validates their competency in the field of permanent makeup. This certification can enhance professional credibility, provide assurance to clients, and may be required by regulatory bodies or licensing agencies depending on the jurisdiction.

How to choose the ideal permanent makeup course?

When selecting the right permanent makeup course for yourself, consider the following factors:

Research and read reviews

Conduct thorough research on different permanent makeup courses available. Read reviews and testimonials from previous students to gain insights into the course quality, instructor expertise, and overall learning experience.

Accreditation and certification

Ensure that the permanent makeup course you choose is accredited by a reputable permanent makeup training academy or recognised within the industry. This ensures that the course meets certain standards of quality and can enhance your professional credibility.

Curriculum and course content

Review the curriculum and course content of each permanent makeup course. Check if it covers the specific techniques and areas of permanent makeup you are interested in, such as eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner. Look for comprehensive courses that provide theoretical knowledge as well as practical hands-on training.

Instructor qualifications and experience

Assess the qualifications and experience of the instructors who will be teaching the permanent makeup course. Look for instructors with a solid permanent makeup and beauty background, extensive practical experience, and a good reputation in the industry.


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Training format and duration

Consider the training format and duration that best suits your needs. Some courses may be offered in person, while others may be available online or as a combination of both. Take into account your availability, learning style, and preferred mode of training when choosing the course format.

Support and mentoring

Find out if the permanent makeup course offers unlimited ongoing support and mentoring even after the training. This can be invaluable as you continue to develop your skills and encounter challenges in your professional journey.

Cost and value

Evaluate the cost of the permanent makeup training courses in relation to the value it provides. While affordability is important, prioritise the quality of education and the skills you will acquire. Remember that investing in a reputable and comprehensive PMU course can yield long-term benefits for your career.

Networking opportunities

Consider if the permanent makeup course provides networking opportunities with industry professionals and fellow students. Networking can help you build connections, gain insights, and open doors for potential collaborations or job opportunities.

Top online PMU course topics in the UK

Needle basics

You will delve into the fundamental aspects of needles used in PMU procedures. You will learn permanent makeup needle configurations, their uses, and the effects they produce. Through interactive demonstrations and hands-on exercises, you will develop the skills required to handle needles with precision and ensure client safety.

Pigments and colour theory basics

Understanding pigments and colour theory is crucial for achieving desirable results in PMU. You will explore the science behind pigments, their composition, and how they interact with the skin. You will also delve into colour theory, learning how to select pigments that complement various skin tones and create natural-looking results.

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PMU machine basics

The PMU machine is an essential tool in the field, and this will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of its components, functions, and maintenance. Through practical exercises, you will develop proficiency in operating the tattoo machine, adjusting speed and depth, and achieving optimal results for different procedures.

Techniques for the perfect pout

You will explore the art of enhancing lips through PMU procedures. You will learn about lip anatomy, colour selection, and techniques for achieving lip contouring, fullness, and natural-looking lip blush effects. Through detailed demonstrations and hands-on practice, you will master the skills required to create stunning lip enhancements.

Procedures for beautifying brows

Brows play a vital role in framing the face, and this will guide you through the techniques and procedures for creating flawless, beautifully shaped eyebrows. From brow mapping and design principles to various hair stroke and shading techniques, you will learn how to create natural-looking brows that enhance your clients' features.

Steps for effortless eyeliner

Achieving precise and long-lasting eyeliner is a sought-after skill in PMU beauty treatments. You will discover various eyeliner styles and techniques, including classic, winged, and smudged effects. You will gain insights into proper placement, pigment selection, and the art of creating symmetrical and captivating eyeliner designs.

Techniques for scalp micro pigmentation mastery

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a specialised PMU technique used to simulate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. This will guide you through the intricacies of SMP, including proper needle selection, pigment application, and achieving realistic results. You will gain the skills to help clients struggling with hair loss or seeking a stylish shaved-head look.

To truly master these techniques, you'll need a PMU machine that delivers precision, reliability, and power. That's where products like the Bishop SMP Pen come into play. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to provide unparalleled control and precision, making it an ideal choice for delicate SMP procedures.

Bishop SMP tattoo pen for scalp micropigmentation 

Guide for fearless freckles

Freckles are a growing trend in permanent makeup treatment, providing clients with a youthful and natural appearance. This will teach you the art of creating realistic freckles, including freckle placement, size variation, and colour selection. You will learn how to enhance your clients' features by adding beautiful freckles that look authentic through hands-on practice,

Nailing nipple procedures

Nipple and areola reconstruction is an essential PMU technique for breast cancer survivors and individuals undergoing breast augmentation or reduction. You will learn the intricate details of nipple procedures, including symmetry, colour matching, and 3D effects. You will gain the skills to provide clients with natural-looking and empowering results.

Can I do permanent makeup legally in the UK with just a certification?

No, you cannot legally perform permanent makeup on clients in the UK with just a certification. In the UK, the practice of PMU is considered a form of tattooing and falls under the Tattoo, Piercing, and Electrolysis Licensing Act. This means that you must obtain a Tattoo, Piercing, and Electrolysis Licence to legally offer PMU services to clients.

While having a certification in PMU demonstrates your training and expertise in the field, it is not sufficient on its own to practice legally. The licensing process ensures that tattooing and permanent makeup artists meet specific health and safety standards and adhere to regulations to protect the well-being of clients.

To legally perform PMU in the UK, you must comply with the requirements set by your local council or authority responsible for licensing. These requirements typically include completing the necessary licensing application, fulfilling age requirements, obtaining public liability insurance, maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace, and potentially undergoing a criminal records check.

Becoming a permanent makeup artist

Our guide provides valuable insights into permanent or even semi-permanent makeup courses and certifications. By understanding the importance of certifications, considering factors such as accreditation, curriculum, and instructor qualifications, and exploring various PMU techniques, you can confidently pursue a career in this industry.

Invest in top online PMU courses, perfect your skills, and obtain the necessary certifications to excel in permanent makeup treatments and enhance your clients' beauty.

Now that you have the knowledge and guidance to step into permanent makeup, what's next? It's time to gather the tools to practice your craft. You can check our extensive range of PMU Supplies here.


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