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5 tasks every tattoo business should automate


Tattoo artists love creating amazing designs for their clients. But there's a tricky part: handling all the behind-the-scenes stuff like booking times, ordering supplies, or promoting the shop. It's like trying to draw with one hand while juggling balls with the other! Missed appointments? Running out of ink? Forgetting to post on social media? These little problems can pile up, making things tough for both the artist and the customer.

But guess what? There's a cool way to make these repetitive and manual tasks go away: automation! In this blog, we will discuss the essential task that every tattoo business should automate and how it can help every tattoo shop run smoother.

Why a tattoo business needs automation?

A tattoo business, like any other venture in the modern world, needs business process automation to streamline its operations and remain competitive. Business automation solution integrates technology into everyday tasks, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that the business can adapt to changing demands without getting bogged down by administrative chores.


business process workflow optimisation


By embracing automation, a tattoo studio can focus on its primary passion - creating art and building client relationships - while the backend processes, from scheduling to marketing, run smoothly and seamlessly in the background. This fusion of traditional artistry with modern efficiency positions the tattoo business for success in today's dynamic market landscape.

1. Digital design previews

In the evolving tattoo industry, the need to automate business processes has never been clearer. Instead of just imagining what a tattoo might look like, how about harnessing the power of technology to automate tasks? Some innovative software solutions now allow clients and artists to try designs on a digital version of a body part.

By addressing both repetitive tasks like sifting through countless designs and complex tasks like visualising the perfect placement, this digital approach streamlines the decision-making process. It's a bit like trying on clothes virtually, helping clients decide on the perfect spot and size for their new ink while eliminating the guesswork.

2. Inventory management

Nothing halts creativity quite like missing supplies during a session. An automated inventory system is the solution. It meticulously tracks the right inks, cartridges, and other gear, providing timely alerts when stock levels dip too low. Some systems even go further, placing automatic reorders with preferred vendors, ensuring the shop never runs out of essential tattoo studio supplies.


tattoo business automation

3. Client database & history

Automating the client database means having all client details, their past tattoos, preferences, and any notes about their sessions at your fingertips. This automated process of data entry makes it easier for artists to prepare for appointments and offer personalised service. For instance, knowing a client's past tattoo ink choices or their sensitivity levels can assist in providing an improved tattooing experience

4. Digital design sketchpads

Modern tattoo artistry often begins on a digital canvas. Digital sketchpads, like tablets with stylus pens, allow artists a wide range of creative flexibility. They can easily zoom in for detailed work, layer designs, and even use colour palettes to see how different shades might look. Furthermore, designs can be saved, shared, and modified without the clutter of paper, allowing artists to create a digital portfolio that's easy to showcase to prospective clients.

5. Appointment scheduling

The dance of scheduling can often become a lengthy waltz filled with missed calls, overlooked messages, and the inevitable rescheduling. By implementing an online booking system and automated workflows, clients can pick their slots, view an artist's availability, and make necessary changes as required. There are a variety of automation tools that often include the added perk of sending automated reminders, ensuring that clients don't forget their appointments, and reducing no-shows.


business process automation

Get your tattoo business into the digital age

Automating business processes is not just about keeping pace with trends, but it's about enhancing customer experience, streamlining business processes, and broadening reach. By incorporating artificial intelligence technology, tattoo businesses can transcend traditional boundaries, offering clients unparalleled convenience, variety, and engagement.

In essence, business process management ensures the relevance, sustainability, and growth of the tattoo business in a rapidly changing world. Don't just ink your art; let it flourish and resonate in the digital realm.

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  • Mark Joshua Luz